Elijah: Letting it slipMature

I didn’t know how I felt about abortions; I didn’t know how I felt about many things recently. But all I knew was that Isobel was about to go to the clinic with Chrissy and I was supposed to be distracting Tom, so he wouldn’t find out. I knocked on his door and waited for him to answer it, moments later Tom was on his doorstep.

“Ready?” I asked him, a basketball under my arm,

“Let me just give Chrissy a quick call and tell her where I am, in case she comes over,” Tom took out his cell, I snatched it off him and hit end-call, “Dude what the…?!” Tom asked,

“She’s with Isobel and they’re at a movie,” I said telling the lie Isobel had made me rehearse earlier that day. “Then they’re going back to Isobel’s and having a girly night,”

“Still Eli, you don’t have to snatch my stuff,” Tom muttered holding out his hand so I could give the cell back. We walked down the path and onto the street; I bounced the ball to myself and hummed a tuneless melody. “Did you get anyone else to come and play?” Tom asked,

“I told Rhea that she could come down if she wanted,” I told him, “but she’s coming in an hour or so, she was sorting something out with Joey apparently.” I repeated what Rhea had told me. Tom jumped ahead and bounced the ball out my grasp; he jogged along the pavement with the ball. “Have you chosen between them yet?” I asked,

“I’m just waiting for a sign,” Tom said bouncing the ball to me; I picked it up and didn’t bounce it back.  

“Like what?”

“I don’t know,” Tom answered honestly,

“A big board which says ‘choose Chrissy’ or ‘choose Rhea?’”

“That would be useful.” Tom admitted, “Pass the damn ball.” I obey and rounded the corner to the park; there were a group of youths already playing a game. “Great,” Tom muttered, “looks like we’re going to have to find another place to play.”

“Hey guys!” I called, Tom followed behind me,

“You know them?” Tom hissed,

“I used to play ball with them a couple times a week,” I explained,

“Sup Eli?” Jason smiled, “Where you been at?”

“He’s got a girl! I saw him with her the other night!” Kyle grinned, I threw the ball at his face and he dodged out the way.

“What’s her name Eli?” TJ asked,

“Isobel,” I replied,

“Is she fit?” Jason asked,

“Let’s play ball.” I smiled going to retrieve it, I took it to the centre of the court and stopped, “She’s the fittest girl I’ve ever seen,” I said simply before throwing the ball to Tom, he wasn’t happy playing with all the strangers but as the game got going he began to relax. By halftime we were hot and sweaty, Rhea rolled up,

“This her?” Jason asked, I shook my head,

“Hey Tom!” she called from the edge, Tom waved,

“What’s her name?” Kyle asked Tom,

“Rhea,” Tom replied glancing back at her,

“How long have you two been going out?” he questioned,

“We…well…I,” Tom muttered,

“She’s one of two,” I spoke for Tom,

“Nice man!” TJ slapped his back, “I can barely get one girl, you gotta tell me how to do it,” he grinned, Rhea came through the gate and headed to our group.

“Does she know?” Luke asked as Rhea rolled up,

“Does she know what?” Rhea asked putting her hand on her hip, Tom glanced at Rhea.

“Rhea knows, Chrissy doesn’t,” I bounced the ball between my legs,

“You da man!” TJ grinned,

“He knows he can’t keep it up,” I said flatly, “he’s got to choose,”

“It’s not going to be a hard choice, I spoke with Joey this morning and Chrissy needs you, I mean I can't imagine what trauma she's going through..."

"Trauma?" Tom asked,

"Well the trauma she will go through if she ever found out you'd cheated," Rhea corrected, she had covered up her mistake well. Tom bounced the balls between his legs and walked closer to Rhea, his back to us.

"What's going on? What trauma?" Jason asked coming to my side. I made an arc over my torso, indicating a pregnancy. Tom’s face whipped round and the shock on his face made him look like he just had a heart attack. 

"You got your girlfriend pregnant?" Jason asked shocked, 

"Ja-son!" I hissed loudly, thumping him in the chest,

"What?!" Tom demanded, my eyes widened, 

"Chrissy is pregnant, but you don't need to worry she's going to get it terminated today," I reassured him. 

“Chrissy’s pregnant?” he asked in disbelief, “With my child?”

“Not for much longer,” I mumbled looking at my watch, Tom grabbed my shirt and Rhea’s arm and we were being dragged off the court.

“You knew?” he asked me incredulously, I didn’t reply as Tom dropped my shirt and shoved me away, “Great friend you are!” he yelled. I followed them down the path; I wasn’t sure whether I should stop him or let him drag Rhea towards his house. He got straight in his car, Rhea climbed in next to him and I sighed opening the back door and climbing in,

“Get out!” he yelled at me, “Get out!”

“If you want to find Chrissy, you’ll need my help,” I told him simply,

“Where is she?” he asked angrily, his hands tight around the steering wheel. I gave him the directions and soon we were speeding down the street towards Chrissy and their embryo. 

The End

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