Christina: "Don't Do It"Mature

I felt like crying as I sat staring at the unnaturally white walls of the waiting room, with the smell of disinfectant wafting into the room through the air vents. Isobel sat with me and she held tight to my hand. It was reassuring to know that Isobel was here with me and had supported me all the way through this mess, I was sure that I couldn’t have done it without her.

I was shaking with nerves when the nurse opened the door and called out my name.

“Are you sure this is what you want” Isobel whispered in my ear, “It’s not too late to pull out of it Chrissy.”

I thought about this for a second before slowly nodding, “I’m sure, I couldn’t bring a baby into this world; neither Tom or I are ready to be parents, it would be unfair on the baby to be brought into this!” I replied allowing a few tears to trickle down my face.  Isobel wiped the tears away and pulled me into a tight hug, “It’s not that I don’t want the baby, I would love to have this baby but the fact is neither of us is ready” I sobbed into Isobel’s shoulder. Isobel pulled out the hug and held me at arm’s length so she could look into my eyes, which were now flooded with tears, and I could see that Isobel was also crying.

“Hey what’s wrong?” I asked her moving a strand of hair from her face, “Oh Chrissy, I’m sorry” she sobbed. “What for?” I asked her perplexed. “I’m meant to be here to support you but I am crying too” she replied sheepishly, I pulled her into a hug before saying to her; “You are supporting me just by being here.”

I pulled out the hug, gave her a brave smile before turning and walking towards the door where the nurse stood. I gulped as I walked into the room and the unborn baby’s fate was decided, with a bang as the door shut behind me.

“Firstly, I must ask you Christina whether you want to be fully sedated or whether I can give you a local anesthetic which will numb your cervix so there is little to no feeling”  the nurse asked while she made sure her hands were thoroughly washed and pulled on some gloves.

“Could you send me to sleep, I’d rather not see it happening” I replied quickly.

“As you wish” the nurse replied, setting up a needle with a drug which would send me to sleep. I shuffled uncomfortably on the bed I was sat on; I had always been quite squeamish when it came to needles. “Right Christina, I am just going to rub this cream onto your hand” the nurse said gesturing at a tub in her hand. I nodded but before the nurse had began to put the cream on my hand the door burst open to reveal Tom, with Rhea, Elijah and Isobel in tow.

“Chrissy, don’t do it, don’t get rid of the baby!” he shouts running up to the bed I was laid on.

“Don’t get rid of our baby, I love you and want the three of us to be together forever” he murmurs placing one hand on my stomach and the other on my cheek.

A tear splashes onto his cheek as he stares at me, “Please don’t do it” he whispers before pulling me into a passionate kiss.

“I love you, Christina Jones” he says just loud enough so that everyone could hear, putting emphasis on the ‘you’ for some reason.

“I love you both” he murmurs intertwining his fingers with mine and gently rubbing my stomach.

The End

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