Christina: DecisionMature

I stood in my room, wrapped in a towel dripping wet, debating what to wear, I couldn’t decide!

I flicked through the dresses hanging up in my wardrobe, eventually deciding on a short purple corset backed dress – my favorite one.  I slipped it on, it was loose at first but as my mum pulled the corset strings it began to hug my body, giving me a beautiful hourglass figure.

When my makeup was applied and I had slipped on some elegant knee high leather boots I was finally ready to go for a meal with my incredible boyfriend.

Tom arrived at my house around 8 and I opened the door, he looked at me with as much love as he could possibly muster and I smiled warmly at him giving him a soft kiss. “You look incredible” he said, wrapping his arm around me and leading me out to his car. Like the gentleman he was he opened the door for passengers side door for me and I climbed in. Just before he shut the door he noticed my knee high leather boots, he ran his hand up them and gave me a cocky grin before shutting the door and climbing in the driver’s side.

The meal was incredible afterwards I felt warm, sleepy and very content, I smiled to myself as we drove towards Tom’s house – his parents were out so we had the house to ourselves.

We pulled up and I clambered quickly out of the car and into the cool evening air, Tom wrapped his arms around me from behind and started nibbling affectionately at my ear. I giggled and turned and planted an affectionate kiss on his lips.

We entered the house and Tom led me up to his bedroom, making sure the door was shut behind him before planting kiss after kiss upon my neck. I smiled and kissed him back, allowing our bodies to become intertwined. We toppled backwards onto the bed, our hands touching every contour of each other’s bodies.

Tom’s hands found the ends of my corset strings and with one quick tug he loosened my dress enough that it could be pulled off. I unbuttoned Tom’s shirt pulling it away, kissing him passionately all the while.

Tom fiddled at my bra strap for a while, unhooking it and throwing it to the floor before proceeding to run his lips across my chest and watch as my nipples became aroused.

He then pulled off my tights and pants so I was left completely naked apart from the leather boots which he left on because he said it made me look sexier. He then removed his trousers and boxers and pressed his body firmly against mine.


I laid awake much later, reliving what had been the best sex yet and thinking about how lucky I was to have a boyfriend who loved me and I loved him. My mind moved towards the baby which was still growing inside my stomach, and it got me thinking.

I couldn’t have this baby, I couldn’t do that to him – neither of us were ready!

I grabbed my phone which now resided  on the floor after one of us had knocked it off the table whilst having sex earlier and scrolled through my contacts until I found Isobel’s number, and quickly texted her.

I am going to get rid of the baby – I have to! Xx

The End

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