Elijah: IsobelMature

I was surprised, if not a little offended, that Isobel thought I’d ditch her after one little argument. But I had to admit she was cute when she was worried, I pulled her into a hug on the end of my bed and kissed her forehead gently. She nestled her head against my chest and we sat there in silence for a few sweet moments, my mum broke the reverie,

“Elijah honey! Does Isobel want any dinner?” Isobel pulled away and we stood up,

“Do you?” I asked,

“Sure,” she smiled, I grinned back,

“Yeah she does!” I spoke down the intercom,

“Well it’s takeout pizza because I’m going out,” Mum said, I took Isobel’s hand and led her down the stairs into the kitchen, Mum took her purse off the table and smiled,

“Where are you going?” I asked conversationally,

“Out,” she smiled slyly,


“A restaurant,”

“With who?” I questioned,

“A nice man from work,”

“I see.” I said flatly, “Well have fun,” I kissed her cheek and she raised her eyebrows at Isobel before walking out the front door, “I’ll never get used to Mum having dates,” I muttered, Isobel smiled,

“You two seem really close,” she observed running her finger over the marble counter,

“She’s my best friend,” I said a little embarrassed,

“That’s sweet,” she smiled still not meeting my eye, I lifted up her chin and kissed her on the lips,

“What’s up?” I asked, she seemed distracted,

“It’s just the whole Tom, Rhea and Chrissy drama,” she muttered,

“Let’s just concentrate on us, shall we?” I offered, she smiled and nodded; we stared into each other’s eyes and almost had a silent conversation. The doorbell rang making us both jump; I answered it and brought back the pizza box into the kitchen.  “Want to take this through to the lounge and watch a movie?” I asked,

“I’d like that very much,” she replied,

“Get the soda, it’s in the fridge,” I ordered whilst getting out two plates, Isobel cracked open a coke and slid one across the breakfast bar to me. We walked across the hall and down the corridor into the lounge which was at the back of the house,

“I can’t get over how big your house is,” she said in awe looking at the home cinema we had in the lounge,

“Dad made a lot of money with his business, through the divorce we got to keep the house and he gives us 30% profits from his company a year,”

“Nice,” she smiled settling onto the sofa, I crouched down by the DVD cabinet and searched through the choices,

“Any preference?” I asked,

“A comedy,” she bargained, I selected one and put it in the blue-ray, I then picked up the three remotes and joined her on the sofa. “Wow, there’s a lot of buttons on one remote,”

“This one closes all the curtains in the room to make it dark, it also adjusts the lighting,” I showed her, the room went dark, “this one works the TV and this one works the blue-ray,” I demonstrated and the film began to play, “it’s not too complicated after you’ve had a play around. Pizza?” I asked handing her the box; she opened it and took a slice.

By the time the film was finished, the pizza box was empty and the cokes were finished. Isobel’s head was on my lap and I was lounged out across the rest of the sofa, she sat up slowly and stretched,

“Thanks, that really took my mind off…other stuff,” she smiled,

“Good to hear,” I said pressing the button to open the curtains, it was dark outside by now and so I switched on the spotlights. I watched her reaction as I dimmed the spotlights and threw the remote to one side, I took her face in my hands and kissed her lips slowly, her eyes closed and she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me on top of her. I used my arms to make sure I wasn’t squashing her, I pulled back slightly and she opened her eyes,

“Kiss me,” she demanded breathlessly, it wasn’t a demand I was going to ignore, I pulled her on top of me and ran my lips down her jaw to her neck, her hands were pressed against my chest and her fingers gripped my shirt. I ran my hands down her waist and to the small of her back, pulling her closer to me, our lips met with a new passion and her hands began to mess up my hair. I found her bra and undid it underneath her t-shirt, she immediately pulled back and scooted to the other side of the sofa, I raised an eyebrow and caught my breath.

“Sorry,” I apologized; I hadn’t meant to freak her out,

“No, no it wasn’t you,” she smiled crawling back towards me and resting her head on my shoulder,

“What happened then?” I asked curiously wrapping my arms around her,

“Things can happen, things you don’t want, it’s not always good,” she mumbled,

“In English please?” I asked a smile on my lips,

“You’ve got to promise me that what I’m about to tell you won’t be repeated out your lips,” she commanded, “because sometimes it’s not your secret to tell, but I trust you and I love you,”

“I love you too,” I told her, “what are you trying to tell me?”

“Chrissy’s pregnant,” she muttered so quietly I wasn’t sure I heard it right,

“What?” I asked gently,

“Chrissy is pregnant,” she muttered again a little loud, I’d heard right. My heart began to pump in my head, it wasn’t a nice feeling. Chrissy? Tom’s Chrissy?

“Crap.” I mumbled,

“Yeah, crap alright,” Isobel repeated,

“And Tom’s cheating on her, poor Chrissy,” I said in realisation,

“We’ve got to stop Tom cheating!” Isobel said,

“He’s not out on a whim Iz, he’s torn between them,” I sighed, Tom was in over his head.

“Well then we’ve got to make him choose Chris!” Isobel said her eyes widening, she held my hand in her and gripped it tightly,

“How?” I asked,

“We’ve got to show him how good Chrissy is, and as much as I hate to say this, show him Rhea’s not all she’s cracked up to be,”

“Right…” I muttered slowly,

“You with me?” she asked, her innocent eyes wide and puppy-like,

“Yes, I’ll always be with you because I love you,” I smiled kissing her cheek.

The End

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