Isobel: ApologiesMature

Sometime during dinner, my phone buzzed with an unread text. 

I dropped my fork back against the plate and pulled my phone out without any real enthusiasm. It would probably be Chrissy. As horrible as it sounded I really couldn't be bothered to deal with her drama now, not after the way today had gone. Selfish, right? 

My heart flipped at the name on the screen.

Come over - parents are out and we should talk about today xxx

'I'm not hungry,' I pushed my plate away, standing up.

'Where are you going?' mum looked up at me surprised. 'Who was that on the phone?'

'Elijah,' I replied, pulling my jacket tighter round my body.

'Oh, and when are we going to meet this mysterious Elijah? It's been what, a month now?'

'A month tomorrow,' I said. Oh crap. Tomorrow was our one month anniversary and I hadn't thought about it one bit! I really was the worst person in the world. Well, that is unless he wanted to dump me today. That's probably why he was calling me over. Not believing him had obviously upset him and now he'd had enough. Why did I have to be so goddamn stubborn?

The walk to Elijah's was short and tense. I kept trying to think of a million reasons why he shouldn't break up with me. I know it had only been four weeks, but I really did feel as though I loved him. No, I did love him. There wasn't any ifs or maybes. It was definite. I felt it within my own body. Whenever I heard his name it would always send me into a bout of nervous excitement. He gave me butterflies in my stomach and made my insides melt whenever he looked at me with those impossibly blue eyes.

God I sounded so dramatic. I should just get it over with. 

'You'll be fine,' I told myself. I took a deep breath as I knocked on Elijah's door.

The door swung open and I immediately forgot everything I was going to say.

'Hello,' he welcomed. 'Come in.'

I slipped my shoes off and left my jacket by the door as he led me up the stairs to his room. I sank down on the bed next to him. A few moments of silence passed. I didn't dare look at Elijah, for fear that I was going to burst out crying or something ridiculously embarrassing. I really, really didn't want it to end.

'Isobel - ' he began.

'Please don't dump me,' I blurted out without thinking.

'Dump you?!' he asked ludicrously. 'Why the hell would I want to do that?'

Oh God my eyes were stinging. I blinked the tears away, frustrated at my hypersensitivity. 

'Are you crying?' he sounded appalled. 'Isobel, what's wrong?' 

'I'm not crying,' I shook my head. 

'It doesn't look that way to me,' he brushed the hair away from my face, resting his hand beside my throat. 'Talk to me. What's going on?' 

I stared at him. He looked genuinely concerned, his brow was furrowed and his eyes were earnest and sincere, desperately trying to seek out what was wrong. My skin felt hot beneath his touch and I tried to calm my racing heart. 

'When you called me over, I thought you were going to end it,' I mumbled, glancing down at my hands twining together in my lap. 

'Oh Isobel,' he pulled me forward into a hug, stroking my hair. I nestled into his chest, tangling my fingers in his shirt. 'I would never do that. You know I love you. How could you think I'd do that?'

'I'm sorry I just, I was so stubborn at lunch,' I muttered pitifully against his chest. 

'I don't blame you,' he sighed. 'I should have been more understanding. But there's something you should know.'

I pulled away. 'What is it?'

He sighed. 'Tom was cheating on Chrissy. With Rhea. Still is.'

I inhaled sharply. 'WHAT?!'

'I spoke to him. He's confused Isobel, he doesn't know what he's doing. He's a good guy, please don't think badly of him.'

'Think badly of him?! I'll do more than that!' I stood up furiously. 'How dare he treat Chrissy like that! Especially after ...' I stopped in my tracks just in time. 

'After what?'

'After she put all her trust in him.' I finished lamely. 

'He really doesn't know what to do Isobel. He's pretty torn up.'

'So he thinks he can play some mind games with them both? How could Rhea do that? That little slut.'

'Isobel please - '

'Don't say anything. I have to tell Chrissy.'

'No!' he almost shouted, standing up. He caught my hands just as I was bringing my phone out of my pocket. 'You can't do that. You have to let Tom do it.'

I looked at him crazily. How could he expect me to sit back whilst my best friend was getting her heart broken in ways she didn't even know?

'A relationship should be between two people,' he said softly. 'Not the entire world.'

The first trace of doubt began to flicker in my mind. He had a point about that. Besides, could I really do it? 

'I've told Tom that if he doesn't tell Chrissy soon, then I will.' 

I sighed in defeat. 'So many secrets.'

'I know,' Elijah pulled me into another hug. 'I know.'

The End

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