Christina: Why Me?Mature

I was the only one besides Joey who was marginally sober by the end of surprise kidnap and party we had thrown for Rhea. Part of the reason I was sober was because of the ever growing suspicion I had that I may be pregnant but I was unsure.

To be on the safe side, on my way to college the next day I had called in at the chemist in the high street and brought myself a pregnancy test. I shoved it to the bottom of my bag so that it wouldn’t be uncovered accidently by anyone who may go in my bag.

Isobel met me at the school gates and I could see that she looked rough. Her eyes had huge bags underneath them and she was constantly yawning.

“Wow how rough do you look, can you remember much from last night?” I asked guessing the answer straight away. “No not really, I can remember Joey crashing the party in a hoodie but that’s about it… I am clueless about how I got home but I must have been drunk as I crashed out on my bed still fully clothed” she said between yawns, I just laughed at her.

We entered form to the usual animated chatter of students talking about what they had done the previous night. Tom swiveled around in his chair; Christ was I the only one who didn’t look wrecked from the previous night. He wrapped an arm around me and pulled me into a one armed hug and gave me a peck on the cheek, “Morning” he said, smiling at me.

“Morning, I am guessing by the looks of it you can’t remember much about last night either” I said giggling slightly. He cocked his head to one side and gave me a stern look as if to say watch it I’m not in the mood.

Tom, Isobel, Rhea and I made our way slowly and silently towards our first lesson Psychology, none of us could really be bothered with it today and contemplated skipping it but to no avail. Our Psychology teacher had come into our form to talk to our tutor and seen the four of us, so we were not in much of a position to skip.

After I had pulled out my notebook and a pen from my pencil case and was ready to pretend that I was listening, the psychology teacher got up from his desk and addressed the whole class.

“Class, before we begin today, I’d like to direct your attention to the empty seat in the back left corner.” Everyone turned to look. “As some of you know, your classmate Joey Thomas was in a car crash last night. He's in the ICU right now. A moment of silence for him, please.”

Whispers broke out in the classroom after we had a moments silence for him, “Oh I hope he is okay” the girl who sits behind him in class said wiping a tear away from her eye. I looked at Rhea, Tom and Isobel, both Tom and Isobel looked solemn and Isobel had gone red, staring down at the table and blinking furiously.

Lunch time couldn’t have come round any slower, the news that Joey was fighting for his life in hospital was the talk of the school but my mind didn’t have time to focus on hoping Joey was okay, don’t get me wrong I hope he is but still. My mind kept wondering back to the pregnancy test which resided in my bag, and I would find myself subconsciously daydreaming about what I would do if it was positive, would I keep it? Would I get rid of it? I was so confused.

“Hey Guys” I say forcing a happy tone and plonking down next to Tom, who greats me by returning my “hey” and giving me a soft peck on the cheek. I smiled, “So---“but before I could continue Rhea rudely cuts in by saying, "Tom, I have to talk to you about something."

“Okay, umm what?” he asked confused. Rhea doesn’t reply, instead she shifts her gaze towards me and I get the picture immediately. It was one of those situations where its ‘I need to talk to you but can you get them to bugger off first.’

“Chrissy, can I?” she asks, I feel out of place but agree and find and empty table to sit down on, muttering under my breath.

Rhea wasn’t the only one with problems but why did she have to confide in MY boyfriend …. Why couldn’t she get her own? I stabbed at my pasta with the plastic fork – which annoyingly snapped due to the force. “Damn” I muttered.

“Hey” Isobel slid into the chair next to me; she looked more awake and sober than she had done that morning. “Hey” I sighed, picking up the pasta with my fingers because I really couldn’t be bothered to get another fork.

“Uh Oh, what’s up?” she asked, scrutinizing my facial expression. “Nothing” I said forcing a smile which Isobel did not believe. “Tell me!” she demanded, staring unblinkingly at me. “Okay but not here!” I said grabbing her arm and leading her into the girl’s toilets.

“Chrissy what’s this about?” Isobel whined, but I shushed her and started to rummage around in my bag in search of the pregnancy test I had brought that morning.

“This is what it’s about!” I said, pulling out the test from my bag.

Isobel just stared at me in shock, rendered speechless, literally.

“Wait here” I said going into a cubical to take the test, I needed to know, and my head was all over the place.

I unbolted the cubical and shuffled back to Isobel setting the test down so it could analyse my pee for 3 minutes.

It must have been the longest 3 minutes of my life, I tapped my foot impatiently and chewed nervously at my lip, and Isobel stared down at the floor. After the 3 minutes were up I handed the test to Isobel, “You read it, I’m too nervous” I said.

Isobel took the test shakily out of my hand and looked down at it, then looked back up at me. It was hard to tell from her poker face whether the result was positive or negative, so I waited for her to speak with baited breath.

 “It’s positive Chrissy, I’m so sorry” she said pulling me into a hug.

 “Why Me?”

The End

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