Chistina: UninvitedMature

"ARE YOU CRAZY?!" I yelled when I saw the thrashing bag slung over Tom’s shoulder.

“Umm… yes” he said with a slight smirk, “Open the trunk” Tom ordered and I obeyed without question. From inside the bag there was Rhea’s muffled shout yelling, “TOM! Let me out right now!"

"Get dressed," Tom muttered, stuffing clothes into the bag, and slamming the boot shut. "DRIVE!" Tom yelled at me and I saw danger in his eyes and reluctantly obeyed.

The car journey was deadly quiet, everyone sat with baited breath, only the sounds of cars speeding past in the opposite direction and scuffling from the boot of the car which I assumed was Rhea getting dressed could be heard.

“Turn left here” Tom directed and I obeyed, not knowing where on earth the mad man who happened to be my boyfriend was taking us.

“Where on earth are you---“, I was cut off by Tom shushing me. I sighed and concentrated fully on the road ahead.

After what seemed an age I was eventually told to stop outside the old swimming baths. “What are we doing here?” I asked Tom but he was already out of the car and opening the trunk and pulling out the bag which contained Rhea.

“Tom Parker If you don’t let me out right now, I’m going to ---“ she yelled by Tom cut her off. “I’m going to let you out but first I need you to put this blindfold on” He shoved a blindfold into the bag and after a few minutes Rhea announced the blindfold was on.

“Tom are you going to tell us what is going on!” I demanded feeling quite annoyed now, “You’ll see Chrissy, now can you help me lead Rhea please?” he asked gesturing for me to grab onto her arm while he slipped his hand into hers.

The door to the old swimming baths had been forced open, and we made our way inside, passed the old reception desk which was now hidden under cobwebs and dust, and into a darkened room.

With a flick of the light switch the lights flickered on to reveal the swimming pool, and on the far end of the room was a banner which read ‘Happy Birthday’

Tom grinned at our surprised faces then untied Rhea’s blindfold allowing her to see. It was a while before she spoke and when she did she stumbled over her words and was forced to stop and take a breath.

“Thank you” she sobbed with happiness pulling each one of us in turn into a heartfelt hug. I was a little reluctant to hug her but allowed her to give me a quick hug all the same.

“Last one in the pool is a rotten egg” Isobel shouted before cannon balling into the pool with a splash!

“But I haven’t got my bikini“ Rhea moaned halfheartedly, turning to look at Tom.

“So, it doesn’t matter Isobel is fully dressed and is in the pool” Tom reassured her before pushing her in.” With a splash she hit the water and when she surfaced she was giggling.

I had never really heard Rhea giggle before, it was a pretty laugh which made my lips curl into a smile at the sound of it.

“Are you coming in Chrissy?” Tom asked me.

“Not yet, I think I will sit over there for the moment and be in charge of the music, I gestured over to a table in the corner and onto was an I-doc with an I-pod charging, ready to be played.     

“Are you okay?” Tom asked me, “You look a little pale?”

“I’m fine” I reassured him, “Now get into that pool!”

The truth was I was fighting nausea again but I didn’t want to spoil everyone’s evening. I pressed my hand to my stomach, hoping against hope that the sickness would go away, but to no avail.

I set the I-pod to shuffle and made my way towards the toilets which were by the entrance. As I neared the girl’s toilets however the lights went off and there was a disembodied laugh in amongst the darkness followed by the screams of my friends.

Someone uninvited had crashed the party!

The End

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