Tom: Mad Man.Mature

"Actually, Chrissy and I went and got all of this," I said quickly, smirking at the other two. "And I'm not going to let you take all the credit."

Elijah shook his head. "You just love spoiling my fun, dontcha?"

"Maybe a little," I said with a shrug.

Rhea laughed, but then stopped. "CRAP!" she almost yelled. "Get out of here!"


Chrissy stepped forward. "What's wrong?!"

"My mom, she's---well---you have to go."

"Wait," I cut in before she had the chance to push us all out the door, and believe me she was going to. "Let's go over to my house."

"I can't leave my mom---"

"Rhea," Isobel pleaded.

Rhea shook her head. "No. I'm sorry. But I have to stay here with my mom."

She hurried us out the door then slammed it in our faces. I put up my hand to knock violently, but Chrissy grabbed my arm.

"She doesn't want to go."

I was irritated. Very. "It's her freaking birthday. I'm never going to forgive myself if she has a---ahh...screw it."

I stormed off.

Everyone else sighed and headed for the car.


I walked slowly around the house. The night air was cool, but not too cool. I wasn't wearing a jacket, so that was good. I looked up at the window. The window with the light on. I grabbed the knob on the window and turned it.

Like a charm.

The window opened and I started to climb in, carrying a large bag.

Suddenly, a feminine scream hit me like a freight train. "WAIT!" I snapped as I fell flat on my stomach.

"What are you doing in here?!" Rhea shrieked. "I'm naked!!"

I looked up involuntarily. Oh crap, she's not lying.

I quickly closed my eyes while jumping to my feet.


I ran towards her voice and reached out my hands. I grabbed her.

She slapped me.

Just my luck. Out of all the places I could have grabbed her...

I moved my hands down so that I was grabbing her waist and pulled her into the bag. I quickly opened my eyes and tied it shut.


"Shut up! Where do you keep your clothes?!"


I started going through all of her drawers and closets.

I grabbed all of the clothes she'd need and put them under my arm. I grabbed the bag and heaved it onto my shoulders.


"Rhea, don't want to wake your mom!"

"TOM! You put me down right now before I---"

"Whoops!" I said as I tossed the bag out the window.

"OUCH!" she yelped as the bag hit the ground.

I smirked to myself then looked around. I left her room in shambles. I felt slightly bad about I cleaned up a little. I closed all of the drawers, and the closet.

I came to the last drawer and was just starting to close it, when my eye caught something in the bottom right corner.

What is this?

I picked it up.A cigarette? 

Worst part was, it didn't smell legal.

I decided that it wasn't any time to confront her about it. So I instead jumped out the window, put the very frantic bag on my shoulders, and headed for the car.


"What did you DO?!" Chrissy exclaimed when she saw me carrying a bag with a screaming Rhea in it.

"Where should I put her?" I snapped.

Chrissy frowned. "WHAT?!"

"Open the trunk."


I paused. "Umm...yes."

I opened the trunk and put her in.

Rhea screamed, "TOM! Let me out right now!"

"Get dressed," I muttered, stuffing the clothes into the bag.

"AHH! Don't touch me!"

I slapped my forehead. Not again. "Sorry!"

I slammed the trunk shut.

"DRIVE!" I yelled.

Chrissy reluctantly obeyed. I jumped in the car and looked back at Elijah and Isobel. They were staring at me as if I was a mad man. 

But who cares?

I was. 

The End

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