Christina: The Value Of FriendshipMature

By definition what is a friend? A friend is someone who is there for you, someone you can trust with your deepest darkest secrets, and most importantly someone who cares about you and who you care about too.

Rhea obviously didn't care about me I thought as I sat crying in the girl’s toilets allowing my mascara to run down my face. My mind was racing with all sorts of irrational thoughts which I knew couldn’t be true. What if Tom was cheating on me? I thought, it seemed the only thing that made sense through all this madness, especially since I had seen them kissing.

I unbolted the toilet cubical door and peered into the loo mirror, I looked a state! Mascara was smudged all down my tear stained face, and my eyes were red from where I had been crying.

I rummaged around in my bag and pulled out my black makeup bag, which contained my makeup and some makeup remover wipes which I quickly whipped out and pressed against my face.

Makeup reapplied and a forced smile on my lips, I made my way out of the girl bathroom, there was no point going to lesson since I was 20 minutes late already so I had decided I'd go home, however lurking in the shadows just outside the girl’s toilets was Tom.

I stopped dead in my tracks, the forced smile dropping into a not-so-forced frown as I asked coldly, "What are you doing here?"

"I need to explain---"

"You lied to me." I cut in; I could feel my voice trembling.

"No, no, it wasn't a lie." Tom said, shuffling his feet, "it was just---"

I cut him off again, "Just what, just a kiss, just cheating on you're girlfriend, so am I overreacting for no reason then?" I stared at him demanding an answer, my blue eyes boring into him with pure hatred.

"Look!" Tom raised his voice over mine, "you have every right to hate me but just hear me out please?" he paused and when I said nothing he carried on.

"I didn't kiss Rhea---" I opened my mouth to argue but he held his hands up to stop my protests, "Listen!" he ordered forcefully. "She kissed me to make Joey jealous because he didn’t look interested in her when I was just twirling her hair". He took a deep breath and I saw my moment and cut in.

"You know I only agreed to this because I thought that I was helping a friend out, friendship has value for me and I care for my friend but Rhea ... I tried to make it work between Rhea and myself but she obviously doesn’t want to be my friend, so devious Rhea was trying to steal my boyfriend and it looks like she succeeded because I saw no struggle between you to get her off you." He went to argue but I cut him off, "I hope you two are very happy together" I said, turning sharply away as tears welled up in my eyes.

I started to walk away but Tom grabbed my arm and spun me around, it was then I noticed unshed tears glistened in his eyes and his voice shook violently when he spoke. "I would never ever cheat on you with anyone Christina Jones, you are my whole world, can't you see that?"

I stared into his eyes and I could tell he was telling the truth, a single tear trickled down his cheek and I brushed it away affectionately before pressing my lips gently against his. He wrapped is arms around me and I ran my fingers through his tousled brown hair and pressed my lips firmer against his, not wanting his kiss to end.

When our lips parted I breathed out the only three words I could, "I love you." He smiled warmly at me and kissed my forehead lovingly.


After an eventful day at school it was a relief to finally get home, I collapsed onto my bed sinking into the cool duvet.

Suddenly a wave of nausea hit me making me bolt to the bathroom, drop to my knees and throw up - I had been feeling strange all day but not as bad as I felt at that moment in time.

I got shakily to my feet, resting my hand against my stomach,

"Something wasn't right, I could tell"

The End

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