Christina: Brewing TroubleMature

Best night of my life!

I sighed as I snuggled back down under the covers next to Tom, who was breathing gently beside me. The previous day had been a mixture of all my emotions rolled into one, from heartache to fear to pure passion as Tom and I rolled over and over our love having no boundaries.

“Morning” I whispered as he opened his eyes and they began to focus on me, a smile appearing on his face at the sight of me naked next to him.  “G’morning” he smiled giving me a quick kiss on the cheek, making me blush and giggle. “What time is it?” I queried, “Who cares” Tom breathed, moving his hands upwards so they rested on my breasts and gently squeezing them.

"We have school!" I said with half a laugh and I moved my body away and scrambled out of the warm embrace of the bed and checked the bathroom clock.

"We have a half-hour," I said with a sigh, hands on hips. "Let's skip. I just saved you from a mad man! We should all just cool off and go to the beach." Tom suggested, grinning.

"First we skip because of your sister, now we're skipping because of me," I whined but in my head my mind was already thinking up 101 things we could do on the beach rather than being at school.

"You know you want to," Tom said, luring me back to bed, I obliged and clambered on top of him, and pressed my soft lips down onto his, and Tom twirled my hair between his fingers affectionately.

Suddenly without warning, Tom’s mother burst into the room and I just managed to launch myself off Tom and duck under the covers in time.

"Hey hon," Tom’s mom said.  “Hey” he breathed, giving his mother a smile.

“I’ll be downstairs making some breakfast” she said smiling back at her son, who was biting on his lip, clearly annoyed by his mother’s rude entry. “School starts soon” Tom said, hoisting himself up with his elbows. “Skip it” his mother suggested before leaving the room.

She was right to suggest that we skipped it, since we were no longer obliged to go into school anyway because of the fact that we were all meant to be on study leave, was there much point in us going in for revision classes?

I slid up from under the covers and rested my head on Tom’s shoulder, “Well that’s it then, we’re skipping school!” I said taking a mental note to do some serious revision later.

Suddenly my phone started blaring my ringtone taking us both by surprise, I glanced at the caller ID before hastily pressing the accept button. “Isobel hi” I said warmly to my best friend. “Isobel, me and Tom aren't gonna be in school today. We're going down the beach cos it's sunny and we just wanted a break away. Why don't you and Elijah come along? Invite Rhea too - we can make a day of it.” I asked her.

She took a while to answer and when she did she sounded slightly frustrated, “I can't skip, I have too many lessons today.”

“Oh come on, we've practically broken up anyway” I pleaded; “Ring Elijah and Rhea and let me know”

“Okay. I'll ring you after I've asked them. See you later!” she finally said before hanging up.

About 10 minutes later Isobel had rung me back to inform me that Elijah and Rhea had both agreed to skip too and we arranged to catch the 9:15 train from the station, which would take us to the beach!


“Hey Guys” I grinned hugging each one in turn, our small group stood at the end of the platform chatting animatedly to each other about how excited they were about our little daytrip to the beach … If only our little trip could have been that simple.

The train pulled into the station bang on quarter past nine and we all clambered on board are tickets clasped tightly in our hands.

We found collection of empty seats which our little group claimed, and for the first half of the journey we all sat happily, watching the outside world flit past or laughing at each other jokes.

It was about halfway through the train journey which I noticed that things were … Odd. Rhea shuffled uncomfortably in her chair, staring right in front of her, something has her full attention but what?

“Rhea?” I said but she just stared unblinkingly forward, no sign of any recognition on her face when her name had been called.

I called again but again there was nothing.

Something wasn’t right and fear was gripping me now, I turned in my seat to see where Rhea was looking and found that she was looking at a man. An ordinary looking man in a brown leather jacket, who was looking straight back at Rhea.

Whatever this staring competition was about I could be sure that it was not good!

The End

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