Christina: RelievedMature

I sobbed into Tom's shoulder, clutching onto him for dear life, my boyfriend. A tear trickled down my cheek as he looked at me and he brushed it away tenderly before pulling me into a passionate kiss.

I gazed lovingly into his beautiful eyes, "Thank You" I whispered before nestling my head against him and allowing myself to be comforted by him.

Muffled noises could be heard from above as police cars screamed to a halt outside the house and shouts from the policemen could be heard.

"Anyone here?" I man with a deep voice called out.

"Down here" Tom called back, "Better cover up" Tom whispered to me, gesturing at my bare body. I fumbled at the buttons on my blouse and jeans, trying to calm myself down, my kidnapper stirred but stayed unconscious.

3 policemen hurried down into the cellar and as the first two handcuffed the unconscious kidnapper the third hurried over to where Tom and I were, Tom still clasping tight hold of me and tears still trickling down my cheeks.

"Are you alright Miss?" he asked me.

"Yeah" I sobbed, "Tom saved me." I said affectionately, giving his hand a tight squeeze.

He gave me a one armed hug and smiled at the policeman who smiled back before hurrying away to help his colleagues escort the kidnapper to the police car, as he had woken up and was struggling violently against the handcuffs binding him.

"Lets get out of here" Tom suggested, kissing the top of my head and leading me to his car.

"Do you want to stay with me tonight Chrissy; I don't think its a good idea for you to be alone, I mean look your shaking" Tom asked me when we had set off.

I nodded timidly, "Yes please, if thats okay with your parents?" I asked with an air of uncertainty, "I wouldn't want to intrude."

"It'll be fine with them, they have really taken a shine to you Chrissy, you're more than welcome to stay." he said reaching out and clasping hold of my hand.

"I love you Chrissy" he whispered, stroking my hand, whist controlling his driving with the other. "We'll stop at you're house while we are passing and gather your things together then we will head back to mine, its been one hell of a day."

I nodded, before gazing out of the window watching the world flit past. I was so relived that Tom had saved me, and that I was still able to watch the world flicker past, and that most importantly - that I was still alive!

We pulled up outside my house and Tom and I walked inside; I was instantly enveloped in a huge hug by my mother, who had obviously heard about my kidnap and had been frantic.

When we broke apart she cupped Tom's face in her hands, her eyes glowed with warmth and affection, "Tom, how can I ever thank you for saving my little girl - she is very lucky to have you and we are eternally grateful."

"I think, I am just as lucky to have you're daughter as my girlfriend, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and the most precious thing in the world to me, I would never let anything happen to her."

At this I pulled him into a passionate kiss and my mother and father stood there beaming at how happy we were together.

When we arrived at Tom's house, his mother and father fussed over me, making sure I was okay and after what seemed like a thousand hugs, Tom and I finally managed to retreat upstairs, where we both collapsed onto Tom's double bed.

Tom wrapped his arms around me and kissed me tenderly, my body weakened at his every touch and I wrapped my arms around him and gave in to the inevitability of what was to come next.

The End

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