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Ah Choo - I sneezed into my hanky and sighed, the best night of my life and then I got a cold because of it, Jesus this was worse than a hangover, at least hangovers only lasted a day and you wern't stuck in bed because of them.

I sank back into my pillow, it was my fault I now had a cold, I laughed as I remembered slow dancing in the rain with Tom, not a care in the world, Rhea, Isobel and Elijah all watching us fooling around in the rain from the safety of Tom's car.

I pulled myself into a sitting position as my mother entered to room carrying a cup of piping hot lemsip which she set down on my bedside table.

"Drink that it will help" she said as I frowned at the cup of lemsip. "Yuck, I hate Lemsip" I moaned, wrinkling my nose as the smell wafted in my direction. "I know but it helps Chissy."

"It better do, its Aaliyah's funeral tomorrow and I have to be there" I said, taking the cup of lemsip and taking a sip" Yuck!

"Oh yeah, how are Tom's family bearing up?" my mother asked, sadness playing on her face. My mum had met Aaliyah a few times and had always commented on what a lovely, polite, well behaved girl she was - sometimes I think she secretly wished that I was more like Aaliyah.

"There bearing up, its still a huge shock to them, I dont think its quite registered with anyone that shes never coming back" I said, fighting tears which were starting to appear in my eyes.

"I've got to go to work now, there is soup downstairs for when you are hungry and don't spend all day in bed, make sure you get some revision done, the world doesn't stop turning just because you're poorly." my mother said abruptly, snapping me out of my daydream where i had been remembering Aaliyah and how amazing she was.

"Okay mum, love you" I said giving her a wave before sinking back under my duvets and residing to sleep, letting the lemsip on my bedside table go cold. Yuck


I seemed to sleep most of the day and only got up to shuffle downstairs in my dressing gown and slippers to make a cup of tea and some chicken soup, the revision material was sitting forgotten in my bag - "I could do it later" was what I kept telling myself.

I kept my mobile near me at all times during the day and was constantly receiving texts from Tom telling me how school was so boring without me and that he was looking forward to coming around to see me.

The doorbell rang at 5pm sharp, I hurried to the door, opened it wide and flung myself into his open arms. "Missed you" I said soppily, he just giggled at me. "What?" I asked confused.

"I have got you something" he said, a cocky smile clearly visible on his handsome face. He reached into his bag and pulled out a bag of grapes. Grapes?

I looked at him in complete bafflement, then the penny dropped with a huge clatter. He placed the grapes in my hands and I began to shake with uncontrollabe laughter. "Are you taking the piss?" I breathed in between gales of laughter.

"Yep, I am taking the piss" he laughed pulling me into a kiss.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you!" I asked as we broke apart, he seemed to ponder this for a good two minutes before saying; "I must have missed it"

I giggled, kissed him again before whispering, "I love you Tom Parker!"

The End

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