Tom: Blossoming...Mature

To be frank, horror movies don't interest me. Which is why I made out with Chrissy practically the whole movie. Well---one of the reasons. The other one being, well, she's a very good kisser.

We parted for only about three minutes during the movie, and it was because Chrissy noticed that Isobel and Elijah were kissing. We smiled at them for a while, but they didn't seem to notice us. Suddenly though, Isobel yelped. She pulled away from him suddenly, grabbing her lip. My eyes widened as I saw blood drip through her fingers. "OUCH!"

"What happened?" I whispered quickly.

Isobel looked at me, then at Elijah, then back at me. "Well, umm..."

Elijah smacked his forehead. "I kind of bit her lip. I'm such a dork---"

"No you're not!" Isobel interrupted, slapping him playfully on the shoulder.

Chrissy and I chuckled. "Well, you guys should calm down," Chrissy whispered with a wry smile.

Isobel frowned. 

The awkward moment didn't last, because about five seconds later both Elijah and Isobel began to kiss again. Chrissy and I stared at them for about ten seconds, then looked at each other, and we resumed kissing again.

When the movie was over, Chrissy and I were torn apart from each other by Elijah and Isobel, who ushered us out of the theater. We walked outside into the dark, smiling at each other. Suddenly, it started to rain. Everyone looked up at the sky in wonder as we got soaked. Elijah, Isobel, and Rhea dashed to their car, but Chrissy and I slow-danced in the rain. It wasn't good, that's for sure, but it was fun. We couldn't keep from laughing as we tried desperately to maintain balance and grace as we smoothly danced across the wet concrete.

"Guys!! Let's go!" Isobel yelped from the car.

Chrissy kissed me lightly on the cheek. "She's right. We should go before our clothes start to sog."

"Can clothes sog?" I asked with a smirk as we made a run for the car.

Chrissy shrugged. "We'll find out if we stay out here any longer."

I threw open her door and helped her climb in, shutting the door after her. I swept around the car and opened my door and climbed in. I closed the door. I took a deep breath. "Well, that was fun."


I started the car and put the shift in reverse. I backed up the car and headed out of the parking lot. 

"Are you still sad about your sister?" Chrissy asked, as we exited onto the highway.

I didn't say anything.

"Well, I mean, I know you're sad, but are sad?"

I looked at her. "Look, I'm always going to be really sad. No matter what."

Chrissy nodded.

Silence consumed the car for the next few moments.

Chrissy suddenly said, "Just don't do anything stupid."

My eyes widened and I looked at her. Her eyes were filled with tears. "Chrissy," I said quickly, placing my hand on her shoulder. "I would never do anything suicide. Ever. Trust me."

She nodded, wiping her eyes.

I talked fast, so that I wouldn't cry. "I would never ever leave you. Never ever ever ever. That's a promise. I love you."

Chrissy threw her arms around me in a hug. I hugged her with one arm, and struggled to drive with the other.

She eventually fell asleep, her head resting against my shoulder.


The next day at school was interesting. I picked Rhea up on the street, because it was raining cats and dogs again. Chrissy had caught a cold from staying out in the rain, so I planned on going to go see her after school.

Rhea and I sat in the car, not saying anything. We were still another five miles from the school, and I was afraid awkward silence would stay for the entire time.

It was not to be. "So Chrissy and you are doing well," Rhea said quietly.

"Yeah," I said with a smile. "We are. Do you have anyone in your---"

"No," she said quickly.

I looked at her. She looked back at me. "Joey," I said, smiling.

"Holy crap!" she sputtered. "How did you---"

"Just a guess," I said with a smile.

"If you tell anyone, I'll---"

"I won't, I won't."

She frowned. "Okay." Her frown receded as she refocused her attention to the road.

"Rhea," I said slowly. "I don't know how to say this, but you need to hang out with us more. You know you don't want to be a loner all your life, and we all like hanging with you."

Rhea didn't respond.


"I heard you," she muttered. She sighed. "You're right, I just wish that I could...I don't know...have a relationship like you guys do. You guys were making out during the entire movie. I don't have anyone like that."

"You like that Joey kid though. Maybe he---"

"I doubt it. I usually don't attract guys."

"You're good looking, Rhea. Just give it a try."

Rhea looked at me quizzically. "Did you just say that I'm good looking?"

I laughed. "Yes, yes I did."

Just then, we arrived at school. I parked the car on the curb. She got out and closed the door. I was going to go park my car somewhere else, under a tree or something. I was just beginning to leave, when there was a knock at the window. It was Rhea.

I got out of the car. "Yeah?"

"You're a good guy, Tom. You're sweet."

I smiled. "Well, it's no problem."

She placed her hand on my shirt and pulled herself closer. She kissed me tenderly on the cheek. Then she leaned back. "That's the first time I've ever done that," she said quietly.

I stood in awe. Did she just kiss me on the cheek?

She walked away without another word.

I quickly slipped into the car and headed over to the nearest tree. I parked the car. I sat there quietly for a moment, pondering over what had just occurred. Why did she kiss me on the cheek? I knew it wasn't a romantic thing, but it still puzzled me. Then I realized it.

She's blossoming. 

The End

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