Isobel: Taken by surpriseMature

When Rhea and Chrissy both came back into the living room each of them had a slight smile and they looked a little more relaxed. It looked as though Chrissy had finally apologized. Well at least it would make things less awkward between us all.

'So, we going to the cinema tonight?' Tom piped up.

'Can do,' I shrugged. 'What's on though?'

'Ooh!' Chrissy exclaimed enthusiastically. 'What about that new horror film?'

'I don't know...I'm not good with gore.'

'Oh come on Isobel don't be such a pansy. Elijah'll protect you,' Chrissy winked at me and my face flushed bright scarlet. I didn't dare look at Elijah but I glared straight at my best friend. 

Payback, she mouthed, grinning. 

Soon enough we were all in the queue at the concession counter ready to buy our tickets for the latest horror. Animated chatter filled the room and the familiar scent of popcorn filled my nostrils. We were all stood in pairs: Elijah and me at the front, Tom and Chrissy straight behind, only Rhea hovered by herself.

I opened my mouth to order when Elijah interrupted me.

'Two tickets for Rove Hill please.'

'Oh Elijah,' I frowned. 'You didn't need to buy my ticket, I feel bad now.'

'Don't feel bad,' he smiled at me. 'It's the least I can do.'

I thanked him gratefully as my cheeks blushed slightly once again. It was all I seemed to be doing round him, blushing. Tom soon followed Elijah's example and bought tickets for him, Chrissy and bless his heart, Rhea. 

The film had already begun as we all made our way through the double doors and into the cinema room. Trying not to spill my popcorn, I followed Elijah as he led us all to the back row where there were five available seats. He went right to the end in the very corner and I sat myself down next to him, with Chrissy beside me. Rhea sat at the end of the row and I felt a pang of guilt shoot through me as I saw she was on her own. 

'Hey why don't we all move down one, so Rhea can sit next to Isobel?' Tom suggested. 

'Oh no, you don't need to do that,' she protested. 'I'm fine here.'

'Are you sure? It's no hassle...'

'Yeah, honestly.'

Being in such close proximity as Elijah meant that I was fully aware of him, how his arm sat right next to mine, his every breath, his every shift, I caught it all. I was paying hardly attention to the film, my heart was too busy pounding against my chest, my face once again turning to deep crimson and I was grateful for the darkness.

It was roughly half an hour later that I glanced over to Chrissy, about to ask her something when I saw her kissing Tom. 

'Okay,' I murmured to myself, facing the front again.

Seconds later, Elijah draped his arm round the back of my chair and I fought a fit of childish, nervous giggles. It was so corny, what they did in films. He began playing with a strand of my hair, twirling it round and I was about to tell him to cut it out when he interrupted me with a kiss.

It was short and sweet and he pulled away too soon. I sat there for a moment, feeling dizzy but completely exhilarated. I could still feel the touch of his lips against mine, his hot breath mingling with my own. Before I knew what I was doing, I was kissing him again. He moved his hand to the back of my neck and I looped mine around his. 

When we broke apart, I smiled.

'You don't know how long I've waited for that,' he murmured.

I rested my head against his shoulder and he pulled me closer to him. Nothing could break the happiness that I felt right then, absolutely nothing. 

The End

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