Rhea: ShockMature

I had a hard time keeping my jaw from hitting the floor. Calculating, I surveyed her face for a few moments, then took a breath.

"Well..." I started, not sure how to phrase what I wanted to say. She almost looked like she was holding her breath. I looked her dead in the eye.

"Since you've been polite enough to apologise, I'll be polite enough to be honest. But 'sharing my feelings' is not something I am used to doing with anyone" - she gave a valiant effort at not snorting - "Okay, yeah, I lost my temper in the bathroom... Again, I'm sorry. But back to being honest."

I hesitated. "I've never properly forgiven someone. For anything ever."

She drew breath, probably to say something something snarky, but I cut her off. "And I've also been crazy - or close to it - for most of my life. But I want to have real friends now and contrary to common belief, I don't actually like people thinking I'm psychotic." I paused. "... anymore. And honestly, you came off like an insecure bitch who lashes out because she's afraid." 

She reddened. "Now listen -"

"But Isobel trusts you and loves you and she saw a part of me most people couldn't have. And by apologising, you showed me you're more than some stupid insecure bitch who judges by appearance only. So, ipso facto, I'm giving you another shot. ...Or returning the favour, actually. But I've never done this friendship thing much before, so you gotta work at it with me. Be patient. Those, I guess, are my terms for a friendship."

She stared at me, kind of shocked.


A relieved grin crept onto my face. "Really?"

She grinned back. "Yeah. I like honest people."

"Same here. And thanks, most people just call it being a bitch." We laughed together, for the first time ever. It felt good, sharing a laugh with another girl. 

The End

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