Christina: Don't Judge A Book By Its CoverMature

My face was scarlet when Isobel tapped loudly on the car door, scaring the life out of me. I climbed slowly out the car and stared at her, she was shaking quietly - trying to hold in fits of hysteric laughter which threatened to spill out.

"Not a word" I whispered to her before slamming the car door shut and heading straight towards Elijah and Rhea, who were waiting by the front door of Isobel's house.

"Hello Elijah" I said smiling then I turned to face Rhea. "...Hi Rhea..." I said instantly dropping my warm attitude and adopting a slightly colder persona. Rhea did not reply, she just turned away.

We all made our way into Isobel's spacious sitting room and ponked ourselves down on the various sofas, Rhea perched timidly on the arm of the big armchair by the door.

"Make yourself at home Rhea" Isobel said cheerfully, gesturing at the armchair.

"Drinks!" Isobel said clapping her hands together, "Tea, Coffee or something stronger?" she asked everyone. Everyone murmered their responces of either tea or coffee. [I think everyone was just too polite to ask for alcohol.]

"I'll give you a hand" I said launching myself out of my seat and following Isobel into the kitchen, relieved that I was no longer in the same room as Rhea.

"So... When did you and Tom start dating ... I assume you are dating, I mean I did catch you snogging in the car!"

"Shhhhh" I said gesturing for her to keep her voice down. "Keep your voice down!" I snapped. "Okay okay keep your wig on!" she snapped back before turning her back on me and putting the kettle on to boil.

"Just the other day" I said, a smile playing on my face.

"Good on you!" she said before pulling me into a hug.

"Anyway, changing the subject, why in the name of sanity did you invite Rhea over, you know our personalities seriously clash!" I allowed my blue eyes to boar into her and Isobel's eyes seemed to involuntary water as she attempted to stare me out, annoyance flitting across her face.

"Because Chrissy, she was really cut up about Aaliyah's death and she needs friends not people who dont want to know her." I said raising her tone at me, which made me back away slightly.


The kettle had boiled but Isobel was too busy having a pop at me to notice.

"...We should feel sorry for her, not judge her, she has lost a good friend and what do you do... bitch about her." I hung my head in shame, Isobel was right, I had been terribly coldhearted and insensitive. I had always told people never to judge people by their appearence and what had I done?

"I'm sorry, you were right to invite Rhea, excuse me for two mins Isobel" I said before slipping out the room and back towards the living room, leaving Isobel to finish making the drinks.

Tom was in deep conversation with Elijah when I entered the room and Rhea looked very unconfortable, fiddling with her bracelet and looking down at the floor.

"Rhea, do you have a minute?" I asked timidly.

She looked up at me confused and I motioned towards the hallway. She pulled herself out of her seat and followed me out into the hallway.

"Look... I don't know where to begin so I'll cut to the chase" I said not daring to look into her eyes. "I have been rotten to you, I judged you without taking the time to get to know you and I am sorry"

I paused for a second, waiting to see if Rhea said anything but she didn't so I carried on.

"I want to start again with a clean slate, please?"

Rhea looked at me for several minutes as if studying me, then cleared her throat before telling me her decision.


The End

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