Christina: Dreams Can Come True!Mature

His lips were the softest things I'd ever kissed, and warmth bubbled through me as we kissed. This was a dream come true, I had waited years for this moment and it had finally arrived, I pulled him closer to me; breathing in his scent. His hands caressed the top of my head so loving and affectionately, I leaned closer into him.

When we broke away I was lost for words, "Wow" was all I could say, staring into his geogeous eyes.  He threw his arms around me and kissed me again, even more passionately than the last. "I love you Tom Parker" I whispered as we broke apart.

I took his hands in mine and stared into his eyes, "I love you too Christina Jones, I've always loved you" he whispered back making me blush.

The sun was begining to dip behind the hills in the distance by the time we decided to set of back home, we sat in silence watching the world flit past, and letting us become submerged in our thoughts. 

The car slowed to a halt outside my house, "We're here" Tom said, instantly pulling me out of my thoughts and back into the real world. I smiled at him and he smiled back, I was still lost for words, "Will you be at school tomorrow" I asked.

Tom shook his head, "I think i'm going to take some time off, spend some time with my parents, but promise me you'll come round tomorrow after school, I don't want to be apart from you for too long." I kissed him gently on the lips before whispering "I promise, love you" and then climbing slowly out the car.

I watched him drive slowly away and my heart lurched, he was mine, dreams most certainly can come true.


"I just can't believe it, you know?" I whispered to Isobel the next day in form,

"Yeah. It's terrible" she signed her head in her hands.

"We have to go to her memorial this Friday." I said looking straight at Isobel.

"Of course we will," she assured me. "Just imagine the turnout, it'll be incredible. She was extremely well-liked. Have you heard from Tom today?"

"Yeah" I murmered He's gonna take some time off, spend it with his parents. The death has hit them pretty hard." "It would, wouldn't it? I couldn't ever imagine losing a loved one..." she said quietly more to herself then me. 'Anyway," I cut in turning to face her, "I'll see you later, I have English now."

I gave Isobel a long hug before I headed off to English, wrapped up in my own thoughts again. My phone buzzed when I was just outside the classroom telling me I had a text. I pulled my phone out quickly and opened the text, it was from Tom.

Missing you already, cant wait to see you. Love TP xx

I smiled before pressing the reply button;

Missing you too, see you soon. Love You xx

I pressed the send button and slid my phone back into my pocket, blushing slightly. I had already decided that I wasn't going to tell anyone as of yet that I was now dating what could only be described as the hottest guy in the school, at least not until after Aailyah's funeral.

I slipped into my usual seat at the back of the English class and pulled out my books with a groan; I really couldnt be bothered today.

Today was going to drag, I could tell!


The End

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