Christina: I'm Here For You [Part Two]Mature

My mobile's alarm buzzed its usual half 6 alarm, stirring me from my deep slumber, I reached out an arm and groaped blindly for my mobile. My eyes were not used to the bright light from my mobile screen so early in the morning and it took my eyes a while to focus enough for me to see what I was doing to turn the alarm off.

When I had turned my alarm off I checked my phone to see if there was any sign of Tom trying to contact me while I was asleep ... nope nothing. I sighed and placed my phone back on my bedside table and shuffled off in the direction of the bathroom to have a shower.

I allowed the cool water to splash against my body, easing me out of my dream like state. That phone call with Tom had been real hadn't it? please dont tell me that I dreamt it. "No" I said to myself shaking my head, it was real!

I pulled up outside Isobel's house around half eight and sauntered up to her house and tapped lightly on the front door, it was her step dad who answered.

"Hello Christina, please come in Isobel shouldn't be too long" he said opening the door wide for me to enter. I took a seat on one of the kitchen chairs and waited, keys in my hand for the moment Isobel came so that we could leave quickly. Isobel's stepdad sat on the kitchen chair opposite me and began to do his morning crossword.

After about 10 minutes of almost unbearable silence, Isobel walked into the kitchen, "Morning" she said yawning, as she grabbed her coat from the coat rack, and we made our way towards my car.

"What lessons have you got today?" I asked cheerfully as I started up my car and pulled out of Isobel's drive, in the direction of the school.

"Media, Psychology, Geography then I have a free then..." she then broke off and blushed slightly. "Then..." I pressed, urging her to continue. "Photography" she murmered her cheeks going red.

"Ooohh Photography with Elijah" I teased making Isobel blush redder and earning myself a soft slap on the arm. "If you are that smitten on him Isobel, tell him, I'm telling you he'd be a fool not to fancy you." I said smiling sweetly at Isobel

"I can't" she whispered suddenly appearing to be very interested in her shoes. "Why not!" I said looking at her with confusion. "Because, hes not into me" she said still staring at her feet. "How do you know that, has he told you that?" "well no, not as such" Well then!" I said glaring at her. "But" she started but I cut her off, "has he given you any reason to believe that he doesnt like you?" I said raising my voice so she had to listen to me. "No" Isobel muttered. "Okay then, well stop putting youself down and have some confidence, you can get any boy you want your georgous!" she nodded, obviously not convinced. I looked at her and said half jokingly half serious, "If I hear any more rubbish about you not being good enough, I will tell Elijah myself!" Isobel gasped, "you wouldn't!" I nodded, "I would and you know I would." Isobel smiled, "Damn right I know you would" Isobel said laughing.

In the time we had finished talking we were nearing the student carpark, I slowed down as I entered the carpark, keeping an eye out for any sign to indicate that Tom was at school, but there was nothing, his car wasn't there.

I pulled into a parking space and clambered out my car, my eyes fixed on each car that entered the school gates, willing one of them to be Tom but none of them were. My blood ran cold as my mind raced and I started to worry, what If something had happened, Tom had sounded so scared over the phone, just before the line had gone dead.

"I'll catch up with you" I said to Isobel as she came to stand next to me. "You okay Chrissy?" she asks, it was her turn to play the concerned friend now. "Yeah fine, I'll see you later" I said, pulling a fake smile which she believes before turning and walking off towards the school. I stand by my car for fifteen minutes watching the steady flow of traffic pulling into the carpark, but none of them were Tom.

I grabbed my mobile from my jeans and scroll through my contacts until I find Toms number and press the phone to my ear.

It seems to ring for ages before Orange answerphone finally picks up, I frowned and hang up without leaving a message, now I am really worried.

The morning seems to go at a snails pace, I was checking my mobile every 5 minutes, hoping I would see a text from Tom telling me where he was and assuring me that he was okay. Come to think of it his sister Aaliyah hadn't been in school either today, and that was not like them at all.

When I had given up all hope of hearing from Tom that day, my mobile buzzed to tell me that I had recieved a text. I opened the text apprehensively, my hands shaking.

Chrissy, Can you meet me in the park as soon as you can please? Tom x

A sense of relief flooded over me as I realised that he was okay, and after checking my planner and finding I had a free afternoon I hurried out of the school and towards the park which was situated on the outskirts of town.

I saw him sat as still as a statue on the park bench, he looked up when he saw me approach and thats when I saw it. His georgous brown eyes were tear stained and his hair was ruffled, huge bags were under his eyes and it looked as though he hadn't slept. "Hey, whats happened?"

He just looked at me, hopelessness filling his big brown eyes and I was suddenly terrified. "Tom whats happened?" I asked clasping his hands in mine and staring transfixed at him. "Its Aaliyah" he said simply. 

"What about her?" I pressed, so scared now, "She's dead."

Tears burned in the back of my eyes at these words and I just managed to stutter "How?" before letting a single tear trickle down my cheek.

"It happened while I was on the phone to you, she was hit by a drunk in a car, it killed her instantly" he said his eyes meeting my gaze. More tears rolled down my face at this and I couldn't believe that a good friend of mine had left this world forever. I pulled Tom into a tight hug and sobbed into his shoulder, I could feel him shaking too and I rubbed his back affectionately.

When we seperated from our hug, Tom met my gaze, tears glistened in his wet eyes and he said, "Aaliyah has been sent to the chapel of rest, will you come with me to say a proper goodbye to my sister please?" he said letting a tear slide down his cheek. "Of course I will, Aaliyah was a good friend to me and I want to say goodbye to her as well, and I think you need me there for moral support" I said clasping his hands gently in mine. He smiled, "Thanks"

"No problem," I replied giving him a quick peck on the cheek, and hand in hand Tom and I made our way out of the park and towards Tom's car.

The End

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