Christina: I'm Here For You [Part One]Mature

I was in love, there was no question in my mind that could argue against the fact that I was absolutly love struck by Tom Parker. His voice made my heart skip a beat and his scent, the smell that always filled my nostrils whenever he was around was just incredible.

A hand waved in front of my face snapping me out of my daydream, it was Isobel. "Earth to Chrissy, anyone home? class is over its time to go home" Isobel called, "Sorry" I murmered "I cant stop thinking about how incredible last night was at the cinema with Tom, Isobel I think I love him" I said sighing heavily and looking up at the ceiling. "Chrissy, you have had a thing for that boy since year seven, now come on lets go before we are locked in this damn school." she said grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the classroom and down the already deserted corridor.

The car journey was deadly quiet, Isobel had taken to staring out the window because she was clearly sick of hearing the name Tom Parker for one day. I pulled up outside her house and she climbed out out quickly and quietly. "See you tomorrow" I said smiling at her. "Yeah Bye" she said before walking slowly up her driveway and towards her house.


I flung open my bedroom door and flopped down onto my bed, and sighed happily to myself. My life was going right... for once!

I pulled out my phone from my pocket and stared at it, debating whether or not to ring him, I decided I wouldn't I mean I didn't want to seem clingy or desperate. At that I set my mobile down on my bedside cabinate at stared upwards, deciding what to do. I had some essays sitting in my bag waiting to be done ... but they wern't due until next week, ah what the hell best get them out the way I thought to myself.

I had just pulled out the folded up piece of paper which I had written the psychology essay on, and pulled out my notepad and a pen, when my mobile started buzzing loudly on my bedside cabinate.

I swivelled around on my chair, grabbed my phone and peered at the caller ID, it was Tom! I quickly pressed the accept button and my phone and put the phone to my ear and said "Hello?"

"Hey, Its Tom" was his reply, making me blush pink at the sound of his voice.

"I have Caller ID," I replied giggling "Right" he said laughing too.

"Did you call for a reason?" I asked after we had recovered from out laughter.

"No, not really. I just wanted to talk to you. Is that okay?" he asked, slightly unsure of himself. "Yes, of course, Tom," I said smiling to myself, this was so much better than doing essays. "You're a really sweet guy, you know that?" the words had escaped my mouth before I could stop them and I quickly covered my mouth with my hand, praying to god that he hadn't heard me.

Luck must of been on my side because when he replied, it wasnt in response to me saying that he was really sweet, but he was asking me what I was doing. I sighed "Nothing. My life can be terribly boring sometimes." I said staring out my bedroom window and looking out at the rain which pelted down hard on the street below.

"All lives can," Tom replied, snapping my out of my little daydream.

"True, true," I agree "But my life, I think, is especially boring." I say with a little chuckle. "You certainly aren't," Tom said quickly.

I couldn't believe my ears, Tom Parker had just complemented me, I think. "Is that a compliment?" I asked just to make sure. "Well, yes, I believe so" he said, a flirtatious tone in his voice. I pinched myself, yep this was real, Tom Parker was indeed flirting with me, better flirt back I thought quickly.

Giggling slightly I murmer "Aww You're too cute." "Is that a compliment?" he replied sarcastically.

"Okay, now you're just being bratty," I said with a laugh.

After a few seconds of much laughter Tom asked, "Tell me a little more about yourself. I don't know that much."

"Well," I began cheerfully "I like animals. A lot of different kinds of animals---"

"Which one is your favorite?" Tom cut in.

"Patience," I said playfully to him as I twirled my hair around my finger and tried to remember what my favorate animal actually was, I loved loads of animals and it was hard to pick just one! I owned 2 cats, which I loved dearly so I would probably say that my favorate animal was a cat.

I started to speak "My favorite animal is a---" but I was cut of by Tom yelling "I'll call you back!" down the line then hanging up.

There was something about his voice that caught my attention when he said that he'd call me back. A sense of urgency and worry had laced his voice and in the background I swear I heard the sounds of rain, beating hard on a car and splashing heavily in puddles, he was outside.

Tom, did not call me back.

The End

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