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'Right class,' Mrs Garrett's voice broke me out of my reverie and brought me back to reality. 'I want you all working in pairs today...'

The room was immediately filled with the sounds of chairs scraping against the floor and rising chatter.

'BUT! I will be choosing your pairs.'

She smiled in satisfaction at the student's groans. Secretly, I was glad though. I knew nobody in this class would volunteer to work with me as they all had their own friends. This was one of the disadvantages of being the only one in your friendship group to choose Photography.

'Elijah, I want you to work with...Isobel.'


My eyes shot open and my heart did mini flips in my chest as he slowly made his way over. He really was gorgeous...

Shut up Isobel! 

'Hello,' I forced myself to remain calm, which wasn't easy to do when he was sat in the seat right next to me.

'Hi,' he murmured. His voice was soft, slightly enchanting but with a hint of indifference. I didn't think for a second that he was being intentionally apathetic towards me, I just got the impression that it was what he was used to. He was used to being the mysterious loner.

The silence after that seemed to drag on endlessly. Had the teacher already told us what to do? Was I really that distracted?

After I couldn't stand the awkwardness any longer: 'Urm, what do we have to do?'

'She hasn't told us yet,' he turned to face me and I swear in that moment all of the blood in my body rushed straight to me cheeks, flaming them red, just to embarrass me. Looking at him head on really was a sight for sore eyes. This close, I could just make out flecks of gold dancing among those deep blue eyes of his.

'Oh,' I laughed nervously. 'My bad.'

For the first time, he smiled. 

'Right then,' Mrs Garrett drew back our attention after she had finished sorting the pairs. 'Today's theme is portraits. We're going to have a little bit of competition going on. One of you will be the photographer, the other will be the model.'

Oh god.

'You have 45 minutes to go out and take some photos, and then when you get back the remaining 45 minutes will be spent editing and processing. Whichever pair wins gets a prize. Go!'

'Oh no,' I muttered.

'What's wrong?' Elijah frowned.

'I just...I'm not very good with having my photographs taken.'

'Why don't you take mine then? Would that make you feel better?'


'Thank you,' I smiled gratefully at him. 

We headed to the front of the class to pick up a Canon and went outside.

'Where did you wanna go for this?' 

'What about the park opposite?' he suggested. 'They have some great views there.'


Honestly, I was just thrilled to be going anywhere with him. I had never had the opportunity to really have a conversation with him before and I decided to make the most of it.

'What made you want to take photography then?'

Oh god Isobel, what kind of a question is that? He's gonna think you're a total freak now.

Instead, to my relief he laughed lightly. 'It sounds silly.'

'Go on,' I urged.

'Well, I think the world can be such a beautiful place you know? We only get to see the rough parts of it, like on the news and stuff, when there's so much that goes undiscovered. I want to capture that beauty, show people that the World can be an incredible place, we just have to know where to look and, well, how to look.'

'Wow,' I murmured before I could stop myself. 'I mean, you have an interesting perspective on the world. Not many people see it like that.'

'That's because they believe it's too late. They believe nothing can be done and we just have to accept it. What about you anyway? Why did you take Photography?'

'Oh nothing interesting I'm afraid, I just like taking photos.'

He laughed and my heart swelled.

This was going to be an incredibly interesting day.



The End

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