Aaliyah: It's a dateMature

 School had been long, the second day back always was. Many of the teachers were less lenient than they had been the day before, so we got homework in almost every class. My bag was way too heavy by the end of school for me to want to take the bus, so I set out to find Tom for a ride.

"Tom!" I called to him as he walked over to his car, head bent in thought. He turned around, searching for the voice. When he saw me approaching, he gave a small smile, and opened the passenger door for me to get in, and then walked around to the drivers side to start the car.

"We got so much homework today, it's unbelievable!" I started to complain, but stopped when I saw his thoughtful face paying me no heed.

"What's up?" I asked him, not pausing to bother with any formalities.

"Do girls really worship the ground I walk on?" He asked, taking the on coming turn slowly. I sniggered, and hid my face in the jumper that lay on my lap.

"I'm serious!" He protested, feeling the need to get defensive due to my hysterics.

"You're so thick!" I giggled, "Of course they do! Not every boy gets a million love letters on Valentines day, not every boy can get a date to the dance in under five minutes, and every boy can most certainly not have so many girls sit around him at lunch."

"I never really noticed all that..." he trailed, suddenly realizing all the signs.

I laughed some more to myself, but didn't push the topic. There was no need to fill his head with just how brilliant so many of the girls thought he was.

We drove the rest of the way in silence, and when we finally made it home, he almost locked me in.

"Tell mum I'll be home later, I have to go to the library!" He called to me as he drove off again, I simply sighed and headed to my room to get some of my work finished.

"Ali!" Crissy squealed when I picked up my ringing cell.

"Hey Crissy, what's up?" I asked as I lugged my bag up the stairs to my room.

"Tom just asked me out!!!" She squealed.

"Where's he taking you?" I asked, very interested. Tom had sworn off girls for a while, after his last girl friend turned out bad. I was proud of him for taking out Crissy now, and super excited that Crissy wsas getting the guy of her dreams.

"To the movies!" she enthused. "Oh dear, what will I wear?! You must tell me, what's his favourite colour?"

"Hm, I think he is partial to the colour blue, like your eyes," I grinned.

"She should wear that blue dress that she got two weeks ago!" I heard Isobel say in the background.

"Hey Isobel," I replied, mentally smacking myself for not realizing that they would probably be together.

"Hey Ali," she responded. "You know the one I'm talking about? It's casual, ad makes her eyes sparkle like diamonds!"

"I agree with Isobel on this one, you should go for that one," I told Crissy.

"I'm so excited!" Crissy again squealed, and I could hear Isobel groping for the steering whell to keep them from crashing.

"Just try to make ti home in one piece Crissy," I laughed.

"Call you after the film, okay?" she asked.

"Sure thing!" I replied, and hung up.

Tom came home, and I rushed into his room.

"Crissy Jones huh?" I asked him casually, sitting on a chair next to his Chelsea football poster.

"Um, yeah.." he trailed, looking hesitantly at me.

"She's thrilled," I encouraged him.

"I was planning on taking her to the movies," he told me.

"I know." I grinned at him. His face looked questioning at first, and then he realied I had already talked to Crissy.

"Well, I have homework to do before I go out.." he hinted, and I bowed out. Oh boy, my brother and Crissy on a date. This would be interesting.



The End

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