Christina: What A Day!Mature

Stupid Stupid why in the name of sanity did I let those words slip out of my mouth, they made me sound like some sort of stuck up gossipping snob, honestly "did you sleep with him!" that is going to get back to Tom, I know it and wham, there goes my chances of ever dating him!

I was so annoyed with myself, it had been one hell of an eventful day, Rhea had finally snapped, although I must admit seeing her in her undies shouting the odds in the girls loos was quite funny!

I sat in my last period, chemistry with my face cupped in my hands staring unblinkingly at the clock, which seemed to be going extra slow. I twirled my blonde hair through my fingers and stared out of window, my ears not bothering to listen to what my chemistry teacher was blarring on about. The rain splashed heavily against the classrooom window and I was glad that I had a car, then realised something, Isobel had to walk home in that!.

I poked Isobel with the end of my pencil and she turned to look at me, her eyes had glased over to from listening to Mr Boring Patterson drone on and on about chemical bonds between things i couldnt even pronounce they were so long.

"Do you want a ride home?" I whispered.

She glanced over at the window, where it was raining heavily and nodded quickly.

"Oh by the way, Tom said for me to tell you he is sorry for being a jerk to you earlier" I told her not waiting for a reply, and looked back down at my notebook. It was then that I realised that I had subconciously being doing it again doodling in my notebook, writing Tom's name in love hearts all over.  CJ♥TP and Tom 4 Christina, were written in big letters all across the page, I could feel myself turning slightly pink and I hastily tore the page out my notebook and scrumpled it up, I then thrust the scrumpled piece of paper into the bin.

Phew, would have been embarrasing if anyone had seen that, epecially Tom.

As soon as the bell rang I packed away my books and Isobel and I made a beeline for the exit, protecting our heads from the rain with our books we raced across the student parking lot and to my car.

"What a day its been!" I said as we left the carpark and entered the already conjested busy road.

"its been mad, Rhea snapped, I never thought i'd see the day!" we giggled at the thought of Rhea going nuts in her undies in the girls loos.

I drummed my fingers on the steering wheel, trying to stay calm as a car cut across me, I wanted to shout "Tosser!" at the top of my lungs and stick my middle finger up at the car infront but refrained. Last time I had done that, the guy infront had stopped and a beast of a man had climbed out, and I lived to regret doing that.

At that moment my phone started ringing from inside my pocket, I pressed a few buttons on the hands free system I had recently had installed in my car and called

"Hello, Christina here" I listened out for a few seconds then a male voice replied.

"Hello Chrissy, its erm Tom here" Isobel had to put her hands to her mouth to stop herself shrieking, and as for me I could feel myself going red again, I quickly stopped the car at the side of the road to talk to him.

"Hi Tom ... you okay?" I said taking deep breaths so I wouldn't stutter, Isobel didn't dare take her hands from her mouth. 

"Yeah, great thanks I was just wondering whether you fancied going to the movies with me this evening... i mean if you want to?" I could tell he had regretted asking that, he was stumbling over his words as he spoke and sounded so nevous, like he was afraid that I was be annoyed that he had asked me. I had blushed the brightest red at this and just managed stutter out the words, "Y..yes, i'd love"

He sounded relieved at this and said "Great, so i'll pick you up at eight?"

"Yeah great, i look forward to it see you later, bye" I put the phone down and almost screamed with happiness.

"So does that mean I have a date?" I asked Isobel as i started up the car and pulled away from the side of the road.

The End

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