Aaliyah: Did you know?Mature

 Class was boring, then again wasn't psychology always? The teacher just went on and on, and never seemed to stop! I would have gone crazy with boredom had I not been watching the airheads in the front get into trouble. It's rather funny when the teacher calls on one of them to repeat what he just said, and all they can come up with is garble.

Rhea was late to class, and it was nice for here that there was a seat still left because it would be horrible to be late and have to stand in the back. I remember when that happened to me once, not a pretty sight.

The bell finally rang, and I moaned as I looked at the essay we had to write. Death was never one of my favourite topics to write about, and on the first day back!? I stuffed my homework notebook into my bag and left the room silently, turning only slightly when I saw Tom talking to Crissy. Was it for the homework, or for something more....

Lunch finally came around, and I plopped down next to Isobel Smith once I had gotten my food.

"Was your holiday pleasant?" I asked her, making small talk for the moment.

It was, I had lots of fun at the beach," she smiled at me. Isobel was the kind of girl I couldn't help but smile around. We talked some more, not really saying anything of importance, but merely filling up the silence.

"Hey guys," Crissy said, sitting across from us. "You'll never guess what happened in Psychology!" she exclaimed.

"What?!" Isobel enthused.

"Tom Parker actually talked to me, and asked for my cell number!" she squealed happily. Isobel rolled her eyes, and then started asking questions like 'what did he want' and 'do you think he'll call later?' while I sat back and listening intently. The two of them were best friends, and because of that it was Isobel's right and duty to be asking Crissy all of the questions.

"So, what do you think Ali?" Crissy asked once Isobel had had her fill.

"Well, I think Tim just wasn't paying attention, like usual," I said, rolling my eyes at how he often got distracted in class. "But I also think that he might like you, cause he could have asked anyone else, but he asked you," a said, emphasizing the you. She giggled, satisfied with my answer. I was happy for her, she has liked Tom for the longest time, which made it weird whenever she came to my house. Thankfully, Tom was never around, so I wasn't even sure if she knew that he was my brother. I didn't like to talk about Tom so much to the other girls, I didn't want anyone to be my friend because of who I was related to. Still, I think I should make sure that they knew.

"You guys did know that Tom is my brother, right?" I asked, taking a bite from my delicious yellow apple. Both of the girls gaped at me, mouths dropped open in surprise.

"Are you serious!?" Crissy whispered to me.

"Yup, he's just usually out when you guys come to my house," I answered her, trying not to laugh at her disbelief.

"Well that would explain why you never fell for him," Isobel grinned. I smiled back at her, she had a point.

The bell rang before we could talk any longer, and I got up casually. Crissy leaped up beside me.

"We're going to talk later," she told me sternly, though the grin on her face told me that she wasn't being too serious.

"Sure sure," I replied, giving her a toothy smile, and headed towards the bin to dump my rubbish. 


The End

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