Christina: All Of A FlutterMature

"Finally" I exclamed as the bell rang signalling the end of the lesson. My bum had gone numb, sitting in those uncomfortable and annoyingly squeaky chairs for an hour and it was a relief to stand up after what seemed an eternity of listening the my teacher droning on and on.

"Don't forget to write you essay" the teacher shouted over the noise of scraping chairs and chatter. I turned to Isobel my eyebrows arched, "Essay on the first day back, sheesh what a slave driver he is!" Isobel laughed at me.

"I'll catch up with you, I have just got to write the essay down so I don't forget it, or else i'll be ringing you at silly o'clock asking you what it is" I said, and with a half wave of farewell she left.

I had just finished scrawling down the essay and shoving my books back in my bag when a voice came from behind me. "Hey." I whirled around to find out who's voice it was been and was surprised to see Tom standing there.

Oh my absolute god, Tom Parker was talking to me! I thought gazing at his incredible beauty, his thick black hair, his big chocolate brown eyes which had a michievious glint in them. I had fancied Tom since I had first clapped my eyes on him in year 7, but I had never had the courage to tell him. Whenever I had plucked up the courage to tell him how I felt I had always been knocked back by finding out that he was now dating someone, so i kept schtum about my feelings.

"Uhh...hi?" I said, it was taking all my efforts to stop my cheeks from blushing a horrible scarlet colour.

"I'm Tom." he said to me simply, "I know, Christina. You can call me Chrissy if you want" I gave him a warm smile which he returned.

"Well, I kind of wasn't listening in class." I nodded when he said this, gazing at him again, and not quite catching the underlying message underneith this sentance.

"What I mean is, I don't know what the assignment is. The essay thing." he said, I nodded in realisation "Ahh, I see." "So, what is it?" he asked after several minutes. "Oh, right, umm...sorry. I was just---well, you know---the essay, right. Uhh..." I grabbed my bag and started to rummage around inside, finally pulling out the scrap of paper which I had scrawled the essay on. "Here it is," I declared triumphantly, as I unfolded the paper to read out the essay title. "It's a one-thousand word paper on death and dying and how it affects people. Can you remember that?"

He nodded, he must have had a good memory as he didn't write it down. "Yeah, thanks." I shoved the scrap of paper back into my bag then looked up him, "No problem." I smiled at him, my cheeks going slightly pink.

I was about the leave when he said something which made my cheeks go more than just pink, they glowed scarlett, luckily I had my back to him so he didn't see.

"Just in case I forget though, maybe I should have some way of contacting you."  I turned to face him, covering my cheeks with my hands and said quickly, "Oh! Well, of course. Yes---well---will my cell do?" 

He nodded "Of course it will. Perfect."

I pulled my backpack off my back and started to rummage around inside, searching for a spare bit of paper and a pen so i could give him my cell - oh my days - I pinched myself to check that I wasn't dreaming and this was actually happening. "Ouch" I whispered as my nails made indentations on my left hand.

The bell rang, making me jump, "Oh shoot!" I yelled, zipping my bag up, "I gotta go. I'll catch up with you later!"

At that I left the room, I was as red as a tomato now.

Isobel will never believe this!

The End

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