Isobel: Return once moreMature

Once the psychology teacher had set us our work for the lesson, Chrissy turned in her chair to face me.

'How was your summer?' she asked.

I glanced up at her and noticed for the first time how healthy she looked. Her skin still had the summer glow left over, leaving it beautifully tanned. Her blonde hair shone and her eyes sparkled. I, on the other hand, undoubtedly looked like crap. I had been in a rush this morning and so had just left my hair loose around my shoulders and gone out without my usual eyeliner. 

'Brilliant thanks, and yours?' 

'A little boring actually; we didn't go away this year. Hey, how was Tenerife? Did you meet loads of hot guys?' she winked at me.

'Chrissy I'm telling you, there were hot guys everywhere. I just didn't talk to any.'

'Why not?' she frowned.

'Because look at me!' I gestured to my body. 'No guy's ever going to be interested in this!

'Isobel shut up, you need to stop putting yourself down! You look gorgeous and you could get any guy you wanted, you just need to have the confidence. At least you're not like that Rhea girl.'

'Rhea Padgett? Oh come on, she's not ugly.'

'No but look at her,' she whispered, her gaze fixed on the one person in the room who wasn't talking. Her head was bent over her work, her dark hair falling over her shoulders. 'And OH MY, look who's sat next to her!!'

'Tom Parker?'

I could not see the fascination all of the girls had with Tom. Okay, he was slightly handsome, but he wasn't the best looking guy I had ever seen. Not that I was shallow...

'Isn't he gorgeous?' Chrissy gushed.

'He's okay,' I shrugged my shoulders.

'Okay?!' Chrissy looked at me as if I were an alien from another planet. 'What world have you been living in? Your standards are way too high.'

'I do not have high standards,' I protested. 'I just don't fancy Tom. Is that a crime?'

Without me realizing, my voice had gotten louder and at the mention of Tom's name, he looked behind him to see who had spoken. I instantly looked down at my work, pretending to be very busy. Chrissy burst into a fit of sniggers. 

'Isobel you prat!' she laughed once he had gone back to his work.

'Whoops,' I laughed along with her.

The End

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