Rhea: Back at ItMature

Ponytail? Check.

Black dress? Check.

Combat boots? Check.

Book bag, and calculator? Check.

Most important... iPod? Check.

Here we go again. Time to ignore the whole wide world. Ooorrrrr just the section of it that attended college at my new school.  First day, first semester... oh joy.

I slipped into my first period class (Psychology) three minutes late and surveyed the room. The jocks and their dumb blonde bitches were flirting and gossiping at the left of the class; and on the right the nerd kids were pulling out their work and discussing Academic Bowl.  Towards the back sat the quiet kids, the ones who smelled funny, the ones who looked funny, and all the doped-up juvenile deliquents (who weren't popular). In the middle of all this there was one empty seat. Perrrrrfect...

"Rhea Padgett?"

I accidentally shot the teacher an evil look, since he surprised me. "Yessir?"

"You're late. Don't walk in in the middle of a lecture again."


I slunk down the aisle and plonked into my new seat. Pulling out my books, I looked around. The people around me were either too quiet, too insecure, or too jaded to talk to each other. Or, for that matter, me. Again, perfect.

Oh, but on my left, there was a boy. Not just any boy, but Tom Parker. Now this should be fun...

The End

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