Aaliyah: First day of college, joy.Mature

I let the hot water pour over my body for a full ten minutes before remembering that I had to actually wash myself in time to get to school. Carla and Timmy would be angry that I had spent so much time in the shower, but I didn't mind, school was starting again and that was all that mattered.

I applied a little bit of makeup, enough to touch myself up, but not enough to look like I overdid it. O goodness, being a girl could suck sometimes. All guys have to do is put on a little cologne and run their fingers through their hair; girls had to go through so much extra work just to get shot down for not being a pretty as someone else. Good grief people, lets all just decide to go to school in our jammies one day, and then we'll see who's prettiest!

I tugged my boots on quickly before dashing out the door. I walked to school, because it was so close, and my older brother Harry needed the car to go the work. I didn't mind the walk, normally it calmed me down. Today, however, I was so nervous I felt like calling in sick. Today was the start of a whole other chapter in my life, one that would help decide my future! I honestly had no idea if I was ready for both that, and also the task of keeping up with all the news.

I was going to have a hard time of it, keeping up my reputation of knowing everything that had to do with the school. I smiled to myself  as  I remembered the look on Rachel Plattel's face when I told her things that even she didn't know aout her best friend. Maggie, one of my friends, often accused me of eavesdropping, for she claimed that I could know so much no other way. I laughed it off, but inside I didn't like it, I never spied on people! All I did was observe, and observe is what I shall contintue to do.

The End

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