Stewart: Free At LastMature

“I already told you I don’t know anything else!” I said, sighing exasperatedly at the police officer who was questioning me, I just wanted to get out of this place – this was not how I envisioned my summer holiday and if my parents or any of my family ever found out I would be in big trouble.

“And you say that you were at the beach but you didn’t see how the fire started?” the officer persisted.

“Yes that’s right!” I said yawning slightly as I had not had much sleep the previous night, “Can me and my friends please go now!” I asked, “You haven’t any evidence to suggest that me and my friends started the fire, we only came here for a holiday!”

“Your friend …. Jade … hurt herself when she fell; can you explain how that happened?”

“She fell on some glass which was broken on the beech” I said simply, “But what’s that got to do with anything?” I asked but the officer didn’t reply but instead pressed on.

“And you say you didn’t see how the fire got started?” she asked again.

“YES, for the billionth time, me and my friends went to get some painkillers for Jade!”

“Look, can we go now … we didn’t start the fire and you have had us here for ages now!” I asked, anger bubbling up inside me at how long it was taking to question three completely innocent tourists.

“Yes, you and your friends can leave for now, but don’t leave the town until this investigation is over, we may need to question you and your friends further.”

I nodded, “Yes, okay that’s fine!”

“What address are you currently staying at please?” the officer asked taking out a notepad and pen from her jacket pocket.

“8 Beech End Grove, Seafront Street, Looe, Cornwall, PL13 8BH” I said reeling off my aunts address, a sense of dread filling me if my Aunt found an letter from the police addressed to me.

“Thank Your Mr. Morrison, you and your friends may go” the police officer said and I all but ran from the room, intent on having the first shower when we got back to my aunts house!

The End

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