Nate: Bail?Mature

I picked up my bike and left Hannah and Tyler, Jane ran after me and I slowed to let her catch up.

“You shouldn't let him get to you,” Jan added unhelpfully,

“No kidding...” I muttered, “he just...I don't know, I hate that jerk!”

“I know, I think everyone knows,” Jan smiled, I dropped my bike on ground and sprawled down on the grass. From where I sat I had a good view of the blackened dunes and the almost non-existent pier, the air still smelt of smoke and the occasionally speck of ash landed close to me. Jan sat down beside me and sighed heavily,

“What have we done?” She asked, I swallowed but didn't reply, I didn't know what to say. All I could think about was the moment the tourists would grass on us and we'd all be arrested.

“I was meant to be surfing in Bali, having the time of my life...instead I'm alone, about to get a criminal record and spend the rest of my summer behind bars,”

“You're not alone, you've got me,” Jan smiled comfortingly,

“You know what I mean, I thought despite Bali I'd still have Hannah but I don't even have her!”

“Nate,” Jan said suddenly, I waited and then realised she was waiting for me to say something,



“Come on spit it out,” I grinned and nudged her, “take too long and I'll be in jail,”

“I like you,”

“Er thanks, I like you too...” I smiled and got up, she raised her eyebrows, “What?” I asked,

“Nothing,” she muttered,

“Okay...” I said slowly, “I'm going for a surf before I get arrested,”

“Will you stop?!” she cried suddenly, “You're being pathetic!”

“You're being really weird today Jane, are you alright?”

“I'm fine!” she almost growled, “Enough of this talk about being arrested, if we don't want the tourists to grass on us we should go and ask them not to!”

“How?” I asked picking up my bike,

“Go and talk to them idiot!” I mounted my bike and Jan got on the back seat, she wrapped her arms around my waist and I pedalled up the hill towards the station. We arrive, I caught my breath and then we headed towards the reception. “I'll do the talking,” she warned,

“Hello how may I help you?” the receptionist asked,

“We'd like to speak to Jade, Charlie or Stewart please,” Jan smiled,

“In regards to what? They're in custody, they're not strictly allowed visitors – are you family?”

“I'm Jade's brother,” I spoke up, the receptionist scrutinised me, “We have different fathers, mine was tall...hers was not so tall,” Jan nudged me but the receptionist seemed to buy it. “Name?”


“Full name,”

“Nathanial-Kai Avery,” she entered my name into the database,

“Constable Higgins will take you to see her, I'm sorry Miss but you'll have to wait in here,” Jan gave me a look as if to say 'don't mess this up!' and then before I knew it I was walking through corridors towards the communal area. Jade was already sat at a table in the bleak windowless room, the room was large and had plenty of tables in it. Security guards and cameras were at every corner and a few other tattooed detainees were sat at tables smoking or playing cards. So this was prison? Jade looked surprise to see me, the policeman pointed me to a seat and then left in the direction we'd come. I took a seat and then looked around before speaking, I didn't want there to be any hidden microphones.

“If anyone asks, you're my half-sister,” I whispered to her,

“You don't have to whisper, no one listens around here!” she raised her voice at the end, “I think I know why you're here Nate and you don't have to worry, we're not going to grass,” a huge wave of relief washed through my body. I breathed a sigh of relief,

“Why?” I suddenly asked, “None of the locals have been particularly hospitable,”

“There's no evidence, the only security camera was on the pier and that got burnt in the fire,”

“There may be no evidence but you're stuck with the blame currently, how are you going to get out of that? How long have you got in here?”

“God knows,” she muttered, “This is actually a nice part,” she said looking around the bleak room. “The girl I shared a room with last night was insane, she began wailing at 2am and then had three fits – apparently its the drug withdrawal,”

“I'm so sorry,” I muttered. I wasn't sure if it was Jade's height but she had a large aura of vulnerability which made me want to protect her despite hardly knowing her. She didn't deserve to be sleeping next to drug addicts, she didn't deserve to be put through this Hell, she had tried to step in and break up the fight but instead she'd been hurt. An immense feeling of guilt overrode my relief and I bit down on my lip. “I'm going to get you guys out of here,” I rose and she did the same. She didn't say anything as I gave her a quick hug and then left, I jogged through the corridors and burst through the doors into the reception area. “How much to get all three of them out on bail?” I asked,

“This isn't American son, we don't take bribe money for bailing people out...”

“They're all innocent! Jade's a minor! She shouldn't even be here!”

“Is she?” the receptionist started tapping at the computer, she suddenly rose, “Excuse me one moment,” and left.

Jan came over, “What do you think's happening?”

“I think we might just be getting them out!” I smiled as the receptionist returned,

“And then what?”

“We'll see,” I told her. Truth was, I wasn't sure – even if we got the tourists out of prison there would still be an investigation and in a town this size it's hard to keep secrets.

The End

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