Stewart: Keep Your Temper CharlieMature

“Come on, your jaw looks pretty nasty, let's go fix it up.” I said leading Charlie away from Tyler who was being restrained by two of his mates which was lucky because I could tell that if they hadn’t have been there Charlie’s injuries could have been a hell of a lot worse – I made a mental note not to cross  Tyler.

“It's a good job he didn't attack your glasses,' Jade joked. “It would suck to be completely blind.”

“Ha ha,” Charlie replied sarcastically and I couldn’t help give a little chuckle too.

We packed away rug and the chairs we had brought with us, which we had left further down the beach when we had joined the BBQ and deposited them in the boot of my car, the picnic Jade had packed was un-eaten and we all agreed that when we got back to my aunts house and we had cleaned Charlie up we would eat it.

The ten minute journey back to the house was too quiet; Charlie was still seething from his fight with Tyler, holding a tissue to his still bleeding jaw.

“Great, first day and we have already had a fight with the locals” I said breaking the silence at last, Charlie scowled at me,

“Dude, it wasn’t my fault, he needed to be taken down a few pegs, He has a stick shoved so far up his arse which needs to be removed. I just gave him what he deserved.”

“Well it’s going to be very awkward if we see him or his friends again, he’ll be sending a lynch mob after us next time” Jade cut in.

“Jade, don’t be silly” I said with a chuckle pulling up in my aunts drive and turning in my chair to look at her, “Lynch mobs aren’t common around here, if they wanted us out the way they’d just chuck us in the sea and hope we cant swim” I said getting out the car.

“Was that a reference to earlier” Jade asked sceptically, “because if it was, it’s not funny!” Jade said stamping her foot.

“Well, if you had been that tiniest bit taller….”

“Stewart, enough with the height related comments, you and Charlie take them too far sometimes!”

“Woah, chill your beans, we’re sorry okay” Charlie said, winking at me when Jade wasn’t looking.

Jade and I successfully managed to clean up Charlie’s jaw, it had been slightly swollen but after nearly an hour of holding a bag of frozen peas to his lip whilst trying to eat (something which Jade and I found most amusing) the swelling had reduced.

“So, what should we do now?” Jade asked.

“We could go back to the beech?” I suggested and Charlie snorted,

“And risk another fight with Tyler, I don’t think so – why don’t we watch a film?” he suggested.

“A film? If I wanted to watch a film I wouldn’t have come miles away from home Charlie, come on lets go back to the beach” wheedled Jade.

“Fine” Charlie conceded.

“Someone is bound to have started a beach bonfire by now”


When we reached the beech the first thing we spotted was smoke furling upwards, I had been right in thinking that someone would have started a beech bonfire by now. A crowd of people were warming themselves by the fire, slurping down cans of beer and lager without a care in the world.

“Looks like Tyler has gone home” I muttered as we approached the crowd of people relaxing by the fire.

“For now anyway, Tyler doesn’t seem the type to miss out on any sort of party, he’ll probably be back” Charlie replied.

“And if he does come back Charlie, you just ignore him!” Jade muttered giving him a stern look.

“Yes mum” he replied sniggering slightly.

“I mean it Charlie, I want to enjoy our holiday, not spend it visiting you in hospital or a police cell charged with GBH so keep your temper”


Charlie was right in thinking that Tyler would return, as night drew in Tyler returned wearing a change of clothes, but nothing but an awkward silence kicked off.

The End

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