Nate: ChillingMature

I'd heard rumours that a fight had broken out on the beach between Tyler and some tourists and this was confirmed when Jan texted me later that day. When the message came through memories of last night came pulsing through my veins as I relived the kiss, I didn't know what I had been thinking; I'd been drunk and we were both feeling vulnerable. The only problem was was that I didn't know how Jan felt, I hope she didn't think it meant something more. The text was a cryptic one, she'd mentioned speaking to Hannah but didn't explain what she'd said. Instead she described the fight between the guys, something about Tyler commenting on their being tourists.

I had to admit I kind of agreed with him, in the nice summer months when I could surf all I wanted and chill out, the town had to be invaded with townies who just destroyed the whole atmosphere of the place. Fish and chip wrappers left on beaches, beer cans in the sand, higher prices for everything and overcrowding were just some of the problems. As much as I hated the idea, I was on Tyler's side of this fight.

“Nate honey, are you wanting dinner or are you going out with friends?” Mum asked coming into my room, I stopped waxing my surfboard and threw the wax to one side.

“What are you cooking?”


“I'll go out,” I told her, she rolled her eyes,

“Never would have guessed,”

“I don't like lasagne, you know that.”

Ten minutes later I was on my bike cycling, I didn't know where I was going but I didn't care. It was dark and most people were inside because it was unseasonably cold, probably from the lack of clouds. The stars shone brightly enough so I could see my way without a torch, as I cycled towards the beach I noticed some smoke and decided to head towards the bonfire. Occasionally local teenagers had beach bonfires, there was booze, music, dancing and socialising, plus the events were usually open to anyone who bothered to come. I left my bike by a bush and headed down,

“Hey Nate!” Alec called, “You should have come out today, waves were sick!”

“I've heard there were three foot in Looe!” I exclaimed, “Gutted I missed them, text me next time you head out and I'll come too.”

“Sure thing dude,”

“Who's here then?”

“The usual, plus some of Hannah's friends, which I'm sure you know about. They're tourists, apparently one of them got into a fight with Ty and now it's all awkward between them. What does you girlfriend have to say about it?”

“She's not my girlfriend,” I muttered, Alec put his arm around my shoulder,

“Crap, I forgot,”

“It's okay,” I shrugged scanning the crowd, “I'm getting a beer,” I said leaving him standing alone and heading to the cool box. The waves crashed in the distance but you couldn't see them, there was something strangely chilling about the night's atmosphere and I couldn't help but feel something bad was going to happen.

The End

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