Michael: Just like JoeMature

There was a thick wall of fog blocking Michael's view of the street, but the idea of lessening his force on the gas did not even occur to him. The car sped down the road, kicking up water like a machine behind it. Michael kept glancing backwards as he drove, wondering when the police would be out looking for the stolen car that he was now driving.

He took an exit on the right and sped down, but hit the brake when a car emerged from the fog. He spun the wheel to the right, just missing the car, and then spun the wheel to the left, swerving back into his lane.

He was getting close to the beach. All he had to do was keep driving until—

The front window shattered and the bumper indented itself inward as the car made a hideous collision with a semi. The car spun incessantly, and nausea began to cling to Michael's body as it came to a shocking stop. Breathing heavily, Michael pushed himself out of the car. He fell onto the ground and vomited violently, just before standing up and running as fast as he could, ignoring the screaming and angry shouts from behind him.


I ran the rest of the way to the beach. Couldn't risk another crash like that. On arrival, I kept an eye out for Joe, wondering if I would get lucky and find him here. The trainer at the gym had said Joe had gone jogging at the beach, but there was no way to be sure if I had come to the right one.

Regardless, I kept an eye out. I walked carefully but quickly, knowing that I didn't have much time.

"We have nothing to talk about," a voice said from behind me. I ignored the voice and kept walking, knowing whoever it was wasn't talking to me.

"Please, Hannah . . ." was the last thing I heard.

After walking to one end of the beach and then starting to walk back, I heard the same two people talking again, except this time, I saw their faces. They were both pretty young girls, but I didn't feel the drive to try and talk to them. Besides, they were in the middle of an argument by the looks of it.

"How can you say that?!" one of them yelled, pointing a finger at the other. "You know I care about you! You're like my best friend!"

"I was like your best friend."

I stopped in my tracks when a thought occurred to me. These girls seemed like the kind of girls who would notice a good looking tough guy jogging around..

"Excuse me, girls," I said, approaching them cautiously. "I'm sorry to bother you.."

One looked at me, pushing her light blonde hair aside from her face, her mouth hanging open at the sight of me. Wow, am I really that dirty?

"I was just wondering," I stuttered, "if you've seen a guy . . . uhh, about this tall." I gestured to a little taller than me. "Big guy, big muscles, seems tough? Black hair?"

They were both quiet.

"Umm..nevermind, thanks."

"Wait! Actually, I did."

I turned around. "Did you happen to catch his name?"

"No, I'm sorry . . . I saw him start down that way." She pointed. "That was like fifteen minutes ago, though."

"Thanks!" I smiled and started off.

She's probably just trying to get rid of me, I thought, starting towards the road. Just like everyone else..

I scowled.

Just like Joe.

The End

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