Jade: RevengeMature

The next day I woke up with a thumping head and a slight feeling of nausea, I couldn't remember much of last night – I remembered the nightclub but after that was a little hazy. I got out of bed, glancing at Charlie who was still fast asleep and took a shower before changing into some clothes and heading downstairs. Stew was already awake and hunching over a steaming mug of coffee. I took a seat and helped myself to an apple, Charlie joined us a little later and told us his stomach couldn't handle any food right now.

“What a bunch of lightweights we are,” I smiled looking from Stewart to Charlie, both looking like death.

“Speak for yourself Jade,” Charlie told me a smile on his lips, “I didn't think it was possible to drink ten vodka shots in two minutes...but it is,”

“I don't even know what's wrong with me, I only had a few beers,” Stewart mumbled,

“I don't even remember last night after the nightclub,” I told them, “I only had a smirnoff in the club as well,”

“Come on Jade, your body isn't exactly built to consume much more than half a unit of alcohol!” Charlie smiled, I stuck my tongue out at him and Stewart got up slowly,

“Where's your Aunt and co?”

“They're at work, she said help yourself to any food in the kitchen,”

“You guys go and get dressed, I'll make a picnic and we'll head to the beach,” I told them. They obeyed me and soon I'd made a collection of ham and cheese sandwiches ready to take to the sea.

“I'll drive,” Stewart said as we neared the car, both he and Charlie had insured themselves on Stewart's car but Stewart still wasn't happy to let Charlie at the wheel. We parked at the car park, paid a fiver for the duration of the stay and headed to the beach. Charlie held the picnic bag and Stewart had the rug and some chairs, I wandered behind them enjoying the sun on my face and letting the vitamin D soak in. I lifted my head to the sky and closed my eyes enjoying the warmth, suddenly something hit me in the neck and stomach and I fell back onto my back. I groaned and opened my eyes,

“Sorry didn't see you there,” said a voice, I looked to see a huge, sweaty guy with an ipod plugged into his ears. He took out one of the buds and lent me a hand, I got up and wiped the sand off my legs. Looking back up at him as he towered over me I saw that he was insanely muscular with rippling muscles and a tattoo on his left arm. Usually I'd have cowered away but the smile on his face put me at ease.

“It's okay, I wasn't looking either,” I said smiling, he raised his eyebrows nodded,

“Maybe keep your eyes open next time you walk?” he suggested, I looked down embarrassed,

“Oh I don't know, it's a lot more fun pretending to be blind, I like living on the edge,” I attempted a joke, he smiled and let out a small laugh.

“Well maybe carry one of those sticks or take a blind dog with you, people might stay clear of you that way. I thought you were going to move so I kept running, turns out you didn't,”

“Come on Jade!” yelled Stewart from the beach,

“I've got to go,” I said to the man, I picked up the things I'd dropped and the guy helped me by handing my sunglasses which had been perched on my head.
“See you around Jade,” he said as I took them from him, he jogged off leaving me to hurry towards the guys.

“Who was that?”

“Some guy who knocked me over,” I muttered,

“He probably didn't see you, sometimes people forget to check the ground for midgets,” I tossed a handful of sand in Stewart's direction, some went in his mouth and he started to spit onto the floor. “You play dirty!” he cried,

“You know me, always ready to fight back!” I smiled swaggering away from him, two seconds later I had been grabbed and tossed over Stewart's shoulder. He began to sprint towards the sea, my arms and legs flapped in the air,

“Don't you dare Stewart, I didn't bring any dry clothes!” I screamed, hitting his back with my hands. Charlie was laughing and jogging behind to watch the spectacle, as Stewart entered the sea I grabbed his shorts and hoisted them up as hard as I could.

“Wedgie!” I squealed,

“Oh no you didn't!” Stewart dumped me into the sea and submerged my head with his hand, keeping me down for a good few moments. I re-emerged and spluttered, Stewart splashed me right in the eyes. “The wedgie was uncalled for!” he told me. I swam to where I could stand and shook my head slowly at him in disgust,

“You evil ….” I couldn't finish my sentence as a wave collided with me from behind and I was submersed once again. Sea water rushed into my mouth and I choked, my legs flew over my head and I didn't know which way was up or down. I flapped about in the water, my eyes stinking from the salty water, my left arm touched the sandy bottom but before I could stand Stew's hands grabbed my arms and I was lifted out, coughing up water. I immediately headed out the water feeling suddenly very tired and shivery, Stewart kept his arm around my back and helped me out.

“If you had been a fraction bigger you might have survived that,”

“I'm not in the mood to be teased,” I warned him, my voice croaky from having swallowed all the sea water. When we got back to our spot Charlie handed me a towel and Stewart disappeared down the beach, I didn't ask after him as I lay down on the rug and tried to get warm. A few minutes later I felt Stewart sit beside me, he nudged me and I opened my eyes,

“Here,” he handed me an ice cream, “sorry.” I smiled in forgiveness, it was impossible to stay mad at either of them. “You'll never guess who I saw,”

“Who?” Charlie asked looking up from a book,

“Hannah, she's having a BBQ down there, she said we could go and sat hi.”

“Sweet,” Charlie grinned, “let's go!”

The End

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