Hannah: New FriendsMature

By the time I got home it was already three in the morning.

I had decided to hang out with the tourists for a bit after we left the club. The alcohol in my system and my intense jealousy at Nate and Jan fueled over-confidence and the extreme desire to know these new people. Maybe I could stick with them? Would they be an improvement? They were an unusual trio though; they looked like the most unconventional friends I had ever seen. 

Charlie obviously had quite a quirky I-don't-give-a-shit attitude. His edgy appearance and the charmingly arrogant lilt he gave to his words intrigued me. I got the impression that he could easily defend himself and stump anyone with his quick wit and a simple cutting comment.

The girl, Jade, was very different. She was bubbly and outgoing, like a little firework always fizzing and bursting with energy and enthusiasm. She had quickly made me feel at ease and by the end of the night it was like I had known her for ages. She had a funny sense of humor, different and yet similar to Charlie's, that had me in stitches at some points.

Then there was Stewart, who was singlehandedly one of the nicest guys I had ever met. He obviously had a big heart, a warm personality and a very laid-back attitude. He was quite camp though. I got the impression he might be gay, but didn't say anything. I didn't care if he was, but I wasn't sure if he had discovered that about himself yet.

They had walked me home, even comforted me when a few drunken tears fell and had each given me a huge hug before I stumbled inside. They told me they'd see me around and I hoped they would. They seemed like a genuinely nice group of people. 

But now that I was alone, dark thoughts of Nate and Jan instantly crossed my mind. I couldn't erase the image of them dancing so intimately against one another in the club. Were they aware that I was watching? Did they care? Were they going to get together?

'You know what?' I mumbled to myself in the darkness, pulling my heels off. 'I don't even care. Let them have one another.'

It felt like the longest trek to my room and I stubbed my toes a couple of times, but when I got there I sagged thankfully into my bed, still fully dressed. I was out in mere seconds.

* * * 

The bright sunlight streaming in through my window woke me up the next morning. My tongue felt dry and heavy in my mouth and there was a dull ache throbbing at my temples. I didn't feel sick, just thirsty. Which was a good sign. I rolled over, groaning, and reached into my bag to pull out my phone.

No messages from Nate. I did, however, have a message from Tyler. Puzzled, I clicked open.

Hannah, I heard what happened. Are you okay? xxx

How the hell did he find out so quick? News certainly traveled fast. I tapped back a reply:

Hey Ty, I'm fine. How did you find out? xxx

My phone buzzed seconds later.

Jan told me. She wanted to see if I would talk to you. She said she hopes you don't hate her and she's really sorry. Give her a call. xxx

I sighed, remembering my outburst last night. Truth was, I didn't hate Jan. I couldn't hate Jan. It was all very spontaneous and I had had too much to drink which no doubt contributed to my emotional behaviour.

I'll give her a text. Thanks. xxx

No worries Han. Listen, are you busy today? xxx

My heart flipped unexpectedly. Did Tyler not know the trouble that had happened between me and Nate regarding his house party? Regardless, I gave him a text back.

No, why? xxx

Wanna hang out down the beach? A group of my friends are having a barbeque. Thought we could chill out? It'd be nice to see you again. xxx

I groaned again. Why? Why did he have to do this? Right, I'd just have to be very clear with him that nothing could happen between us. I'd still meet up with him, but I wouldn't be misleading. Not like his party. That couldn't happen again.

I dragged myself out of bed to get ready.

The End

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