Nate: TensionMature

The nightclub was slowly filling with people, a couple I recognised the rest I didn't. It was nearing one in the morning but it felt more like 6, all I wanted to do was to fall into my bed and never wake up. I wasn't sure weather that was the drink talking, but this place wasn't really helping my mood. I was the depressed-type drunk, the one to go and sit in a corner and lament. Jan came up to me and rested her head on my biceps,

“Having fun?”

“Not really,” I admitted,

“Come and dance then!”

“I'm not really feeling it tonight,” I told her, she got up and tugged me away from my corner seat. I followed her reluctantly to the dance floor and began to dance with the crowd. Jane had left her drink on the table and was using her hands to put around my neck, I let my hands slide down her figure and over her hips. We danced for a few songs like this, my head wasn't really in the moment but Jan seemed to be having fun. As I looked up at the other dancers I saw a face staring at me, I blinked, it was still there. Hannah stood across the dance floor from me, her face was a hard stare and her eyes didn't soften as mine met hers. I dropped my hands and lifted Jan's away from me, I patted her on the shoulder and squeezed through the dancers until I got to Hannah. She was leaning against the wall, her arms folded in an aggressive pose. I didn't say anything as I leant down and tried to kiss her, she shoved me away and then slapped me. I stood there stunned for a second as she turned and strode towards the door, a few moments later I recovered and followed after her, Jan just behind me. I crashed through the door and headed swiftly towards Hannah, Jan closed the doors behind me and jogged to catch up.

“I'll handle this,” she whispered to me, I put my arm out in front of her,

“No,” I shook my head, my voice ringing with authority. “Hannah!” I called, she slowed and turned slowly. Her mascara was smudged and her face wore a grimace I'd only seen a couple of times before.

“What?!” she spat, “Want to rub in the fact we're over? Rub it in with my best friend?!”

“Don't make yourself sound the victim here!” I called, “You were the one whole slept with Ty – remember?!” my voice was getting louder.

“I didn't sleep with him,” she growled through her teeth, “I thought you of all people would trust me on something like this!”

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“You were my best friend Nate, you were my soul mate,” her strong exterior began to crumble, “you really hurt me!” I wanted to step forward and wrap my arms around her, I wanted to kiss her better and tell her everything would be okay. I wanted to - but I didn't. Jan took a step forward but Hannah held up her hand and turned her head towards Jan, “Don't come near me, you cow.”

“What?!” Jane cried, “Why am I a cow?”

“You always denied having a crush on Nate, you knew he would never chose you over me! But as soon as something happened between us, you were right there ready to wiggle your way in!”

“That is way out of order Hannah!” Jan growled, “You're my best friend!”

“And you were mine, not any more...”

“Everything okay out here?” a voice sounded from behind me, I turned slowly and smiled,

“Yeah, everything's good,” I told him. It was the tourist from earlier, he was with Jade and the other was just coming out the door; Stewart and Charlie, I couldn't remember who was who.

“No, no it's not,” Hannah said walking past Jan and me towards the guy in glasses. He put his arm around her as if to defend her from me, I mashed my eyebrows.

“Do you two know each other?” I asked,

“Not really,” Hannah raised her eyebrows provocatively, “but I trust them.” There was an awkward silence as my eyes glazed over each of theirs and then back to Hannah.

“Well we're taking off now, you're welcome to come with us,” the guy in glasses said to Hannah, she smiled and nodded.

“I'd love to,” she said looking at me and Jan. They walked passed us,

“Bye Jan,” the boys chorused,

“Bye Nate!” Jade called, I smiled at her before she turned and they all rounded the corner. I looked at Jan and she sighed.

“Great...” she muttered, I sank onto a picnic table and Jan sat opposite,

“Wanna go home?” I asked,

“Sure,” she smiled,

“I'll walk you.”

The End

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