Charlie: Mingling with the localsMature

'You know who you remind me of?' Jan shouted over the deafening music that seemed to reverberate throughout my entire body. I raised an eyebrow at her, knowing exactly what she was going to say.

'You remind me of Skrillex,' she confirmed my guesses.

'Oh?' I feigned surprise.

'Yeah you've heard of him right? The dubstep guy? You look a lot like him.' 

This wasn't the first time I'd heard it and it certainly wouldn't be the last either. Truth was, my similar appearance to Sonny Moore was entirely coincidental. I had decided to shave my head before I'd even heard of dubstep. As for the glasses...well I couldn't help being blind. Jan was a lot more polite than most though. A lot of the time I'd received a bit of stick for my appearance, being accused of "copyright" (ridiculous, I know). 

'He's actually pretty cool yeah,' I nodded. Jan was surprisingly easy to talk to, even though I'd only known her for about an hour. Her boyfriend was different. I got a weird vibe from him. I was pretty sure he didn't like me. I wasn't the time of person to fret and worry if I was disliked, I was the type to hold grudges and hate back.

For a really long time.

He seemed to appear out of nowhere. He started dancing pretty close to Jan, he'd obviously had a bit to drink. I rolled my eyes and started to walk off. Someone grabbed my arm. For one crazy second I felt super paranoid that it was Nate, looking for a fight. Instead I turned round to find Jan instantly pulling her hand away, seemingly embarrassed at her outward confidence.

'Sorry,' she blushed. 'You just looked upset. I wondered if you were okay.'

What an observant person. 

'I'm not upset,' I smiled. 'Going to get another drink though.'

I made my way through the now-packed crowd, the heat from the bodies gyrating to the pulsating music beginning to affect me. I changed my course, heading for outside instead of the bar. The fresh air hit me like a slap on the face and I sagged gratefully against the wall. I was in a more secluded section than before and I realized I must have gone out of a side door instead of the main entrance. 

'You look relieved to leave,' a girl's voice spoke beside me from the shadows.

I couldn't see her face, just her figure. She was leaning against the wall, one leg bent so her heeled foot was propped against the bricks and she had her arms folded.  Her silhouette told me that she was tall and slim. 

'Yeah you know, it's a bit too much in there for a simple tourist like myself.'

'A tourist? Haven't seen one of those in a while.' She took a step out of the shadows and towards me. She was a pretty thing, light blonde hair falling past her shoulders in voluminous waves, forest green eyes lined with kohl and thick black lashes. She was wearing a little blue dress which hugged her curves perfectly.

'Name's Hannah,' she extended her arm.

'Charlie,' I shook it, trying to act casual.

She pursed her lips, seeming to ponder over my name. 'I believe you know my friends in there? The one's that are getting overly comfortable with one another on the dance floor..'

'Jan and Nate?'

She nodded once. 'Well actually. Let me be a little more specific. My ex boyfriend and my best friend. Dancing together. Getting pretty intimate if you ask me, isn't that weird?'

Oh no, I had just stepped into awkward territory. I so did not want to get caught up in the middle of this. 

'Relax,' she shrugged. 'I don't care. If they wanna go out with one another they can.'

'You seem pretty hostile about it,' I said bluntly.

She laughed without humour. 'I'm not hostile just...indifferent. Slowly learning not to care you know? Anyway.  Wanna get back in there and show them a good time?' 

Before I could say anything, she grabbed my hand and led me back inside.

Oh no, this was so not going to go down well.

The End

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