Jade: Never going to happenMature

The night-club was pretty pathetic, I didn't know why Charlie and Stew insisted we go. There was a dance floor which flashed with neon lights, a bar where the barman was leant against the side texting and a place where you could sit and talk. After being bought drinks by a hot surfer guy I went to sit in one of the booths and watch as Charlie made a pratt out of himself. Stewart sat down heavily next to me and began to sip his beer, he smiled at me from across the table and then leant in to speak.

“I'm surprised they let you in kiddo,” I kicked him from under the table,

“Aren't you the joker? At least save them for other people to hear or it just turns into a blind insult!”

“Come on, let's dance!” he place his beer on the mat and got up, I shook my head but he grabbed my arm and pulled me up. Being small had its benefits, dodging through crowds, fitting in small space but it also had its drawbacks – for example being manhandled. Stew practically carried me across to the dance floor and began to bust some moves with Charlie, I stood there incredulously watching and smiling. A couple more people joined so there were only a few people left at the bar, the surfer being one of them I noticed. He caught me looking at him and he began to head this way, I turned back round and pretending to be busy with something. It failed. I felt a hand on my shoulder and a mouth at my ear,

“Not much of a dancer either?” I turned and pursed my lips,


“Come and sit with me, you owe it to me, I bought you a drink. I'm not sure the barman would have accepted your ID even if it was valid – there's no way you're eighteen!” Usually I'd have walked away from a stranger insulting me, but with this guy it made me want to smile and roll my eyes.

“Being small doesn't mean you're young, if we were working in a height-age ratio you'd be what? 40 something?!” He grinned and took a seat at the bar, I joined him and looked back at the dancefloor where Jan was dancing with the very camp guy and Charlie. Stewart was admiring the DJing decks and talking to the DJ.

“What brings you to Looe then? Apart from a distant relative?”

“Just finished A-levels, wanted to do something together for the last time, decided to come here where we could stay with Stew's aunt for free!”

“Makes sense,” he nodded,

“Is your Dad a fisherman or something?”

“Very stereotypical of you, you presume everyone who lives by the sea has a little boat where they catch fish for the market?”

“I didn't mean to be rude...”

“I was kidding,” he smiled,

“Right,” I mentally hit myself,

“No he's in charge of an insurance firm in Plymouth,”

“Nothing sea-related at all then...” I muttered,

“My mum works at the docks though,” he added, “what do yours do?”

“My dad works for a Walmart in America and Mum's a diplomat over there in Washington,”

“So you live in America?”

“I live with my Aunt in Cambridge,” I replied,

“Do you like that?” he asked. His questioned stumped me, no one had ever asked me before but the honest answer was...

“No," I admitted, "I really miss them and they don't seem to care really. They rarely bother to call and it's like I'm an annoying part of their old life...”

“I'm sure they're really busy and with the time difference...” he trailed off as his girlfriend came over, she took a sip of his drink and smiled.

“So how long have you two been dating?” I asked, they looked at each other and grinned.

“We're not...” Jan muttered,

“We're not together,” the guy said,

“Nate and I are good friends, actually he's been dating my best friend for quite some time until today...” Nate, that was his name. I liked it, it was surfer-dude-esque.

“I'm sorry about that,” I grimaced,

“You're doing a good job, keeping his mind off Hannah,” Jan grinned, “now come on Nathaniel-Kai, I want to dance!” She grabbed his arm and almost pulled him off the chair, he waved me goodbye as he disappeared into the growing crowd of dancers. I sat back in my stool and sighed... no Jade, it was never going to happen.

The End

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