Nate: Forgetting TroublesMature

“Who was that?” I asked distancing myself from Jan, she slid the phone into her pocket and smiled,

“Rian, he wants to go out,”

“The night-life round here is pathetic though,”

“Not when the tourists are here, they really liven it up!”

“I hate tourists,”

“Why? They're perfectly harmless!”

“They swim where I surf, make the price of ice cream practically double and you know Looe car park? - free until the end of June, where they put it up to £10! And they clog up the roads with their bad driving!”

“Okay, okay!” she held out her hands, “You coming or not?”

I smiled,“Anything to get my mind off today,”

“Great, I'll swing by in twenty and we can walk in together?”

“It's raining...” I muttered,

“What? Weather is stopping the mr-outdoors? I thought you loved walking in the rain?”

“I was concerned for you actually Miss-I-hate-getting-my-hair-wet!”

“That's sweet, but I'll bring a brolly,” she smiled and blew me a kiss before heading out my room. I sieved through my wardrobe - choosing clothes wasn't hard I only possessed boardshorts and a few T-shirts. Pulling on my favourite T-shirt and some clean shorts I washed my face in the sink, cleaned my teeth and put on some aftershave. The doorbell rang, I called goodbye to Mum and went out to meet Jan in the porch.

“You're going to freeze!” Jan exclaimed,

“Don't you know me well enough by now? I wear shorts in December, a little night drizzle isn't going to stop me!” Jan smiled and pointed towards the town.

“Let's get going then!”

The sound of the night-club's music could be heard at least hundred metres down the road, in high season it runs like a fully functioning bar and night-club but the rest of the year it acted as an old people's home bingo room and a library. Jan took my hand as we neared the entrance, some tories (or as most people called them, tourists) were already visible, standing outside the doors. They were an odd group of teenagers, obviously here on a post-exam partying holiday. God knows why they came to Looe though, it's not exactly famous for anything other than its fish and chips. There were two guys and a girl, the girl was a good foot shorter than the guys and she looked about fifteen. One of the guys looked like a nerd, with thick-rimmed glasses and a chequered shirt, I guess some would say fashionable – I said nerd. The other guy looked more normal, also in shorts and a T-shirt which made him look more muscular than he actually was. I could sense their eyes on Jan and I as we neared the club, the girl stepped down from the pavement and walked over to us.

“Do you know when this place opens?” she asked,

“I'm not sure you're in the right place love, you've got to be eighteen to get in here,” Jan said kindly, the girl narrowed her eyes and sighed slowly,

“I am eighteen!” The two boys sniggered behind her, she turned back and shot them evils. I liked her, she was feisty. They headed over towards us, I stood up to my full height and watched them as if they might suddenly attack us or something. Jan held my arm sensing my hostility and apologised to the girl.

"It's alright, I get it all the time!" she smiled,

“I'm Jan by the way,”

“Jade,” they shook hands, “and this is Stewart and Charlie,” I nodded my head at them, Stewart smiled and Charlie nodded back.

“It should already be open,” Jan said looking at the door, “it just looks closed because no one's turned up yet...”

“If you wanted a place with wild night-life, you've come to the wrong place,” I explained,

“His aunt lives here,” Jade gestured at the guy in shorts – Stewart. “We weren't really looking for night life but thanks for the heads up, have you come here on a post-exam holiday too?” she asked,

“We live here,” Jan smiled,

“Awesome” Charlie, I think his name was, grinned, “locals!”

“What's there to do around here?” Jade asked,

“Surf,” I replied immediately,

“I knew you were a surfer, I just knew it!” she seemed overly excited to get this information, she was definitely from an inland place like London.

“You any good?” Stewart asked,

“He's third best in Cornwall and Devon!” Jan boasted, I nudged her,

“I have a sudden urge to get your autograph!” Jade grinned, I rolled my eyes at her as Rian appeared with some of his friends who I didn't know too well.

“What you guys doing out here? Come and join the par-tay!” He cried. We shuffled inside, I bought a round of drinks for everyone out of my Bali-fund and began to slowly forget the argument I'd had with Hannah.  

The End

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