Stewart: Starting The Holiday With A HolidayMature

I have always thought that there is no better way to kick start the summer holidays than to go on holiday, and what’s even better is if you go on holiday with friends. Jade, Charlie and I had planned this holiday months ago (planning it to every detail in the time we should have been using for studying for exams but I don’t think I need to record that for posterity) and now it was finally here.

I pulled on my favorite summer T-shirt and a pair of shorts and some brown Jesus sandals and made my way downstairs, a rucksack slung on my back and a suitcase in my hand. By the sounds of it Charlie and Jade were already downstairs;

“But yes I am no idea where we're going or what we're doing but you've probably sorted out everything so I needn't worry.”

“No doubt about that” I said coming into view of my friends and grinning from ear to ear.

“How much stuff have you got Jade, because the boot of my ford is limited...?” I asked Jade, dreading the answer …. Honestly Jade could out shop Rebecca BloomWood from the film Confessions of a Shopaholic with the amount of clothes she buys –even if they are clothes from the children’s section- and knowing her so well; I also knew that she would want to take everything on holiday with her.

“Only three suitcases” she remarked with a shrug.

“Three!?” Charlie asked incredulously,
“Guys we're going away for the whole summer, you can't expect me to stay in one set of clothes for the whole 7 weeks!” Charlie looked at me and I gave him a nod before we hurriedly left the room to ransack Jade’s suitcases.

“Hey! It took me hours to pack them!” Jade cried rushing over, “Don't you dare! Don't you dare Stewart Benjamin Morrison!” she said, I cringed at the use of my middle name; my mother was the only other person apart from Jade who insisted on calling me Stewart Benjamin. I gave Jade a cocky grin before tipping the contents of her suitcase onto the grass.

“You're allowed one case,” I bargained, and Jade looked horror struck.


“The boot's already full of food and things anyway, food is more important than clothes,”  Charlie murmured pulling from the pile of clothes a bikini, me pulling out a second and seeing a third and possibly even a fourth in the jumble.

“How many do you need? Do you wear three at a time for warmth in the sea or something?”

“No, if one gets wet then I can wear the other.”

“You only need one,” Charlie told her in a mock sternness and I couldn’t help but laugh,  could tell Jade was itching to argue.

“Hey Stew, look at this,” Charlie said, waving for me to come over and look at something.

I let out a laugh as I saw what was written on the label, “It's from the Children's section, it's a size small!”

“All those jokes about having to shop in the children's area are true then?!” Charlie asked shaking with uncontrollable laughter.

“Do you fit into babygrows?”

“What are babygrows again?” I asked,

“Those all in one things babies wear,”

“Oh yeah, and they have those flaps for nappies!”

“You don't still wear a nappy do you Jade?” Charlie asked her …. This was over the boundries even for Charlie. Jade turned and fled inside, I could tell that we had upset her and I hurried after her.

Jade was just leaving the toilet, the door hit me with a thump, and I peered around the door to look at a slightly puffy eyed Jade.

“You're upset.” I stated,

“No,” she retorted,

“I'm sorry, sometimes we take it too far...”

“I'm used to it,” she shrugged.

“To make up for our behaviour...” Charlie had appeared at my elbow, “We're allowing two cases, they're packed and in the car ready to go.”

“What have you taken out” she asked skeptically.

“Hardly anything, I'm obviously a better packer than you because I managed to fit the majority of your crap into two!”

“I'm impressed and it's not crap.” She stated, giving him a stern look which turned into a smile. I put my arm around Jade’s shoulder and then shouted at the top of my lungs.

“Come on then y'all, let's rock and roll!”


“Get your feet off the dashboard,” I chastised Charlie for the what must have been the fifth time.

“Chill man, we're on holiday.” He said with a cocky grin taking in the surroundings of the town of Looe which was where we would be spending the next 7 weeks.

“I think I'm gonna like it here.” He said eyeing up some girls in very short denim shorts and strappy tops which showed off their large busts.

“Stop being such a pervert, do you have any idea of how much a creeper you look right now? Why do guys think we can't see them looking at us just cos they have sunglasses on?” Jade said, totally spoiling Charlie’s seemingly innocent fun.

“Jade come on, let me have my fun.”  Charlie whined and she tutted but I could see through the rearview mirror that she was smiling – the scorching hot weather had put us all in very high spirits which could not be dampened.

“How long until your aunt's house?” Jade piped up from the back seat.

“Urm, about five minutes from here.”

'Is she rich?' Charlie asked.

'Charlie, what kind of a question is that? I don't know. She worked hard in her life so I guess she's benefiting from it now.'

'That's a yes then. Is her house nice?'

I smiled remembering long summers at my aunt’s house when I was little. “It's really nice. Has a balcony overlooking the seafront.”

“It was nice of her to let us stay there for the summer. Wish my aunt would do cool stuff like that,' Jade huffed. 'Mine's such a prude. She's all prim and proper and would never dream of having a house by the beach.”

“I'm gonna make this conversation super awkward and say at least your aunts are still alive.”

'Charlie,' I muttered - he had indeed just made the light conversation extemely awkward. 'Thanks.'

We lapsed into silence and a few minutes later arrived at the neat little house which overlooked the seafront which would be our home for the next 7 weeks.

I was home.

The End

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