Rian NicholsonMature

The summer had officially begun and I was ready to party all night, I had finally finished college and had the intention of enjoying the summer first then deciding what to do with my new found freedom. Many of my friends were going off to uni but I had had enough of the education system to last a lifetime … I just want to party!

There had been a party at Tyler’s which everyone seemed to be going to but a boring house party was nothing compared to the clubs in town. One of my friends Chelsea worked in one of them so I often went there and got free drinks …. Then proceeded to dance the club down with my sexy moves.

I grabbed my phone off the desk in my room and quickly dialed Jane’s number, she and I had been great friends since year seven and in some respects I think she saw me as her big brother. She always spoke to me when she had a problem, and thought me a great person to go shopping with and have a laugh with. This is because I am gay, always have been and always will be.

“Hey Gurl, what’s up” I said cheerfully, “Fancy hitting the clubs with me, I feel like rocking out”

“I’m just at Nate’s at the moment what time were you thinking?” she asked.

“The entrance fee to the club goes up to six pound at 11 so if we get there by half 10 we can get in for three pound” I said.

“Sounds cool, mind if Nate tags along, he needs cheering up.”

“It’s the start of the summer what’s he got to be sad about” I asked perplexed at how anyone could be upset when the summer had just begun.

“Never you mind” she said slyly.

“Yeah, he can come too … the more the merrier!”  I said grinning.

“Laters babes!”   I said hanging up the phone and beginning to peruse through my wardrobe for a suitable outfit.

The End

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