Jane: Fruit Without JellyMature

I turned my pillow over to the cool side, and slept on, my head still pounding slightly due to having too much alcohol, but I knew I couldn’t stay in bed all day …. Just most of the day I compromised with myself, my parents were out anyway – it may still be the summer for me but they still had to work - so there was no chance of getting berated for staying in bed.

My phone began to ring, waking me up from the slumber; I grabbed it off my bedside table and slapped it to my ear glancing out of my bedroom window to see how much sleep I had gotten. I must have slept for a while because the sky was growing steadily darker and night was drawing in, bring with it rain by the looks of the menacing black clouds.


“Jan, its Hannah” came the reply in a tone of voice which worried me, it sounded as though she was close to tears.

“Hannah, what’s the matter, you sound upset” I asked her, leaping out of bed and grabbing a pair of jeans which were strewn across a chair, and trying to pull them on with my free hand.

“Me and Nate ….” She let out a sob, “we’ve had a row”

“What about?” I asked, Nate and Hannah had been close for years so it must have been a huge row to get Hannah into this state.

“He ….” She was struggling to speak and it was obvious that she was crying hard.

“Calm down Hannah” I said soothingly, sitting on my bed as though by trying to multitask by getting changed out of my party clothes and into some casual clothes meant that I wasn’t really listening. So I abandoned my attempts to get dressed.

Hannah swallowed hard then tried again, “He called me a slut for kissing Tyler …. I was drunk!”

“He what!?” I exclaimed.

“He apologized” she quickly rectified.

“They why are you so upset?” I asked her.

“I still love him, and I think I have blown my chance with him now by telling him about Tyler, we only split up because he was going to Bali but now he isn’t going and I want him back….” She said breaking into more sobs.

“I think you need a girly night in … you, me, a huge pizza and a DVD?” I suggested, “To take your mind off Nate.”

“I don’t want my mind taken off Nate” she muttered.

“Come on Han” I persisted, but she couldn’t be persuaded.

“I want to be on my own Jan” she said, putting down the phone before I could persuade her.

I threw my phone onto my bed with a sigh and quickly got changed, then I flopped down on my bed and turned my phone around in my hands … thinking. There was no point trying to ring Hannah again, once she had made her mind up it was almost impossible to change so I quickly text Nate, I wanted to hear his side of the story.

Hannah just called me, if you want to talk I'm not doing anything this evening. Hannah still loves you, you know... x

I waited for a reply and when one didn’t come, I started to get worried, Nate normally replied straight away to my texts – something was up. I grabbed my coat from the back of my bedroom door and headed out of the door …. As I had predicted, it was now raining.

Nate’s house was a ten minute walk from mine so zipping my coat up to my neck I started walking towards his house, dialing and redialing Nate’s number as I went as he wasn’t picking up his phone.

I gave up after the fifth attempt at calling him and broke into a slight jog, reaching Nate’s house in next to no time.  I knocked and his sister Lily answered the door, saw me a scurried away to get Nate who appeared not long after.

“You didn't reply to my text and you ignored my calls five times!” I said stepping over the threshold and closing the door behind me.

“Sorry I left my phone in the car,” he muttered before turning tail and heading back into the kitchen to finish his half eaten tea.  His mum offered me the chair she was sitting in which I gratefully accepted. She then proceeded to offer me a drink and after politely refusing any of the alcoholic beverages she offered I accepted when she offered me a nice cup of tea.

“What happened?!”

“I'm sure Hannah told you every detail,” he muttered.

“Only her side of it, you guys are so good together and I don't want you to break up because of some lie or rumour!”

“So you think she's telling the truth?!” he said raising his voice slightly and looking outraged at me.

“99.9% certain,”

“Fabulous, she sent you here didn't she?”

“No, I swear she didn't, All she told me was that you didn't believe she hadn't slept with Ty and you called her a slut...” I said.

“Maybe I should just ask Ty?” he asked but I shook my head.

“You hate that guy...why is that?” I asked curiously.

“Long story.”

“I have all evening,” I said and as he got up I saw him roll his eyes.

“Let's go up to my room.” He said leading the way up to his room. I sat on his bed and drew my knees up to my chin before giving Nate a smile willing him to tell me why he hated Tyler so much.

“About three years ago I was out surfing, Pete and Lily were on the beach – I think Pete was with his mates and Lily was making sandcastles. Ty was also there with his friends, they saw Lily who was like 7 at the time and decided it would be funny to see if they could knock down her sandcastles with their football. I was coming back in from the sea and saw it all happen, Ty kicked the ball which missed the castles and collided with Lily straight in the face. She fell to the ground and started to wail, Ty and his friends began to laugh and give Ty high-fives for hitting bullseye. By the time I got there Ty and his mates had left, Lily was still in the sand with a broken nose and two teeth missing...”

“Oh God, that's horrible,” I said, putting my hands to my mouth in horror.

“I never forgave him, he's a complete arse.”

“Agreed.” I nodded.

“Now he's given me another reason to hate him, not that I needed another...” He breathed. I leaned back and laid next to him.

“It's sweet you're so protective of your sister,”

“I'm protective of anyone I love, that's why it's so hard to be mad at Hannah – I love her, I want her to be safe and happy but then I don't, it's a vicious circle. I want her to be punished for what she did... you get me?”

“Mmm, kinda,”

“I'm so confused my head hurts,” he muttered.

I pushed myself closer to Nate and ran my fingers affectionately through his hair. I loved Nate, he was my best friend and it pained me to see him so upset. Nate was like fruit without jelly when he wasn’t with Hannah, they made such a beautiful couple and in some ways I wished that Nate would look at me the way he looked at Hannah but in other ways I saw Nate like a brother and it would just feel wrong to date him. We lay there for what seemed an age, not saying a word to each other. I could feel his warm breath against my face and the moment seemed so perfect.

Then my phone rang …. Ruining the moment. I fished my phone out of my pocket and looked at the screen. Rian’s name flashed on the screen.

The End

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