Jade Green: Holiday time!Mature

Starting the summer holidays with a holiday was always the best way to start, starting the summer holidays with friends was equally as good – put them together and it's the best combination you could have. I rolled up at Stewart's house and waved off my Aunt before letting myself into his house, Charlie was already there lounging on a sofa.

Are you excited?!” I asked, he glanced up at me,

Didn't see you there,” he smiled, “but yes I am, no idea where we're going or what we're doing but you've probably sorted out everything so I needn't worry.”

No doubt about that!” Stewart smiled coming down the stairs into the lounge, he was wearing a graphics T-shirt and shorts. We weren't the conventional bunch of friends, Stewart had the whole good-looking-and-he-knows-it thing going on and Charlie looked like a wacky music producer with attitude. I, on the other hand, was practically a dwarf, especially compared to the guys who were both over a foot taller than me. I liked to say I had a look of youth about me but some others said I looked like an eleven year old... I was used to constant 'small person' jokes and jibes but I still wished I could grow another few inches.

Charlie got up and stretched, he was in some skinny jeans and a checked shirt having replaced his black-rimmed glasses with black raybans.

How much stuff have you got Jade, because the boot of my ford is limited...”

Only three suitcases,” I shrugged,

Three!?” Charlie asked incredulously,
“Guys we're going away for the whole summer, you can't expect me to stay in one set of clothes for the whole 7 weeks!” Charlie looked at Stewart and Stewart gave a nod, they both left the room in a hurry by the time I'd followed them outside my suitcases were being ransacked.

Hey! It took me hours to pack them!” I cried rushing over, “Don't you dare! Don't you dare Stewart Benjamin Morrison!” He smiled and tipped it out onto the grass.

You're allowed one case,” he bargained,


The boot's already full of food and things anyway, food is more important than clothes,” Charlie muttered lifting up one of my bikini tops. Stewart lifted up another, they both looked towards me. “How many do you need? Do you wear three at a time for warmth in the sea or something?”

No, if one gets wet then I can wear the other.”

You only need one,” Charlie told me in a mock sternness. “Hey Stew, look at this,” Charlie walked over to Stewart and showed him the label, Stewart began to laugh. “It's from the Children's section, it's a size small!” He cried reading the label. “All those jokes about having to shop in the children's area are true then?!” he began to laugh.

Do you fit into babygrows?”

What are babygrows again?” Stewart asked,

Those all in one things babies wear,”

Oh yeah, and they have those flaps for nappies!”

You don't still wear a nappy do you Jade?” Charlie asked. I was used to this friendly 'banter' but sometimes the guys took it too far, they forgot I was pretty self-conscious about my size and sometimes it got to me. My eyes welled up and I turned, I didn't want to show them I was upset. I left the garden and walked back inside to collect myself. I went into the toilet and calmed myself down. I looked up into the mirror; it was the first day of summer, we were going on holiday, it was going to be fun. I took a deep breath and opened the door slowly, it hit something with a thump and Stewart appeared around the door. He put his hand on my shoulder and his other hand under my chin so I looked up at him.

You're upset.” He stated,

No,” I retorted,

I'm sorry, sometimes we take it too far...”

I'm used to it,” I shrugged,

To make up for our behaviour...” Charlie walked in, “We're allowing two cases, they're packed and in the car ready to go.”

What have you taken out?” I asked my irritation obvious in my tone,

Hardly anything, I'm obviously a better packer than you because I managed to fit the majority of your crap into two!”

I'm impressed and it's not crap.” I smiled, Charlie grinned and Stewart put his arm around my shoulder.

Come on then y'all, let's rock and roll!”

The End

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