Nate: JanMature

I watched in anger as Hannah's car moved away, she didn't need to have made such a fuss and ring her father. I was the one who was supposed to be angry and now she was too. I walked back to my car and slammed the passenger door closed before heading back round to the driver's side and getting in. I sat in the car and slowly slammed my head against the steering wheel in an attempt to remove the memories of the past few hours – without much avail. My phone buzzed in my pocket and I took it out expecting it to be Hannah, apologizing and explaining the truth but it wasn't – it was Jane.

Hannah just called me, if you want to talk I'm not doing anything this evening. Hannah still loves you, you know... x

I threw the handset onto the passenger seat and knocked the car into reverse, I was tired and hungry, I wanted to think things over. I headed back towards my house and pulled into the drive, I noticed Mum peel away the curtain to check it was me. As I entered the house she called me into the kitchen and handed me a plate of food she'd kept in the oven for me.

“I've been worried, could you at least tell me when and where you're going?”

“Sorry, had a lot on my mind...” I muttered tucking into the chilli,

“I'm sure in a few years time you'll get a chance to go to Bali, it's been your dream since you were eleven Nate, it's not just going to go away...”

“It's not that,” I muttered, Mum pulled up a chair and handed me a glass of water.

“What is it then Honey?”

“Me and Hannah,”

“Did you two get back together?” she smiled, I tossed her a scowl,

“Quite the opposite, we broke up...again.”

“What happened? I'm sure it's just a fight, you'll forgive and forget,”

“Nate! There's someone at the door for you!” Called Lily from the hallway, I pushed back my chair and stood up. Mum sighed looking into her lap as I walked away, as I entered the hallway I saw Jan standing there looking a little awkward but determined. As she saw me she stepped through the threshold and closed the door,

“You didn't reply to my text and you ignored my calls five times!”

“Sorry I left my phone in the car,” I told her heading back into the kitchen, I wasn't really in the mood to entertain tonight. As Jan walked in Mum got up and offered her the chair, after offering Jan every single beverage we had in the house she left.

“What happened?!” she demanded sipping some tea, by now I'd finished my chilli and was enjoying a portion of apple crumble.

“I'm sure Hannah told you every detail,” I muttered,

“Only her side of it, you guys are so good together and I don't want you to break up because of some lie or rumour!”

“So you think she's telling the truth?!” I burst,

“99.9% certain,”

“Fabulous, she sent you here didn't she?”

“No, I swear she didn't!” Jan said sincerely, “All she told me was that you didn't believe she hadn't slept with Ty and you caller her a slut...”

“Maybe I should just ask Ty?” I asked, Jan shook her head,

“You hate that guy...why is that?” she asked curiously,

“Long story,”

“I have all evening,” Jan smiled, I got up and rolled my eyes,

“Let's go up to my room.” I lead Jan upstairs and sat down on my bed, she sat beside me and pulled up her knees to her chin, she turned her head at me expectantly and smiled. 

“About three years ago I was out surfing, Pete and Lily were on the beach – I think Pete was with his mates and Lily was making sandcastles. Ty was also there with his friends, they saw Lily who was like 7 at the time and decided it would be funny to see if they could knock down her sandcastles with their football. I was coming back in from the sea and saw it all happen, Ty kicked the ball which missed the castles and collided with Lily straight in the face. She fell to the ground and started to wail, Ty and his friends began to laugh and give Ty high-fives for hitting bullseye. By the time I got there Ty and his mates had left, Lily was still in the sand with a broken nose and two teeth missing...”

“Oh God, that's horrible,”

“I never forgave him, he's a complete arse.”

“Agreed.” Jan nodded, I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes,

“Now he's given me another reason to hate him, not that I needed another...” I felt Jan's body brush against mine as she lay back with me,

“It's sweet you're so protective of your sister,”

“I'm protective of anyone I love, that's why it's so hard to be mad at Hannah – I love her, I want her to be safe and happy but then I don't, it's a vicious circle. I want her to be punished for what she did... you get me?”

“Mmm, kinda,”

“I'm so confused my head hurts,” I muttered. Jan didn't reply, we just lay in each other's presence and I had to admit it was kind of comforting, in a weird kind of way.

The End

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