Jane: Car Ride HomeMature

“I am never ever drinking again” I moaned at Hannah, clasping my head whilst Hannah drove me back from Tyler’s to my house. “I spent most of the night with my head down Tyler’s very expensive toilet” I said wincing as we rounded a corner and sunlight streamed through the window.

I wanted to curl up in a darkened room, my head was pounding and the motion of the car was making me feel sick again. “What a way to start the summer!”

“What did you think to that girl ... Rhea, I think her name was” Hannah asked, changing the subject quickly away from how sick I had felt at Tyler’s party as the thought of sick was making her feel slightly nauseous.

“Yeah, I liked her she seemed like a nice enough lass” I said with a smile.

“Hmm, I wasn’t as fond of her, I am not so sure about her ... I don’t know what it is but I think there is something a little strange about her, like there is something she isn’t telling us.”

“Oh come on Hannah, we have only just met her, we can’t expect her to bare her soul to us and tell us all her deep dark secrets” I said with a giggle, rolling my eyes at her.

“Yes Yes I know that” Hannah replied rather waspishly I thought, “What I meant was, I just feel that mine and Rhea’s personalities may clash, when I tried striking up a conversation with her it was very disjointed and awkward whereas when you spoke to her you seemed to thaw the cold persona I seemed to get from her.”

“You need to get to know her, that all .... Remember when you first met me.... You didn’t like me at all” I said with a giggle.

“Oh yeah, all those petty little arguments that the teachers had to sort out and then when we found some common ground we soon became the best of friends.”

“That’s what you think ... I never really liked you at all, it was all just pity” Hannah replied but the light tone of voice and the grin on her face told me instantly that she was joking and I gave her a one armed hug whilst she was driving.


“So what are you going to do now?” Hannah asked, winding down her car window to talk to me.

“Shower and bed” I replied, “My head is pounding, I think you had a better night than I did” I said, giggling slightly and dodging a soft poke from Hannah.

“Nothing Happened” Hannah implored in a slow and slightly patronising voice.

“I believe you, thousands wouldn’t”

Hannah shook her head at me, smiled, wound up her window and started to drive away.

I laughed as I watched her go, then turned on my heel and headed up the path .... In the direction of my bed.

The End

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