Nate: BombshellMature

Once I'd finished surfing I headed back to my house where I took a shower and changed, summer was starting off well despite having my plans tossed to the ground. The only thing left that I wanted to do today was to tell Hannah how I felt, that way we could get our relationship back on track. I checked my phone and saw a message from Hannah –Need to talk, call me. X –I stared at the screen for a few minutes before tucking it into my pocket and heading back outside. Whatever Hannah had to say, she better say it to my face. I took the car to her house this time and sat just outside her drive, I got out my phone and sent her a text. -I'm outside, come talk. -A few minutes later a wet-headed Hannah appeared outside her front door, she saw me in the car, waved and ran over. She climbed into the passenger seat and closed the door,

“Sorry I was in the shower. I thought you were gonna call, you didn't need to come all the way over here,”

“It's like a two minute drive Hannah and besides I need to talk to you too.” Hannah took a deep breath and was about to speak but I turned on the ignition,

“Where are we going?” she asked,

“For a drive, that okay with you?” I checked,

“Sure,” she muttered putting her belt on. I pulled out into the road and headed away from town towards the coastal road, Hannah sat in silence and I let her, knowing she'd soon break. But she didn't, I'd driven about seven miles and she hadn't said a word.

“So what do you want to talk about?” I asked her,

“Stuff, just stuff,” she smiled feigning light-heartedness,

“Shoot,” I encouraged, it was beginning to annoy me – what did she want?

“Well you know Tyler's party?” she began,

“I was there for all of twenty minutes,” I nodded pulling into a beach car-park along the coastal road.

“I stayed over,”

“I figured, you told your dad we were at Jane's,”

“Yeah, how did you know that?”

“I came by this morning,” I informed her,

“So you know about me and Tyler?” she checked, my eyes widened and I looked at her,

“What?!” I spat.

“Nothing happened!” she assured me,

“What?!” I asked again, “I thought you had got too drunk to drive and stayed the night, I hadn't gone on to think about you and that jerk Tyler!”

“We didn't do anything...well...” she phased out slowly,

“I know we're not a couple Han but I didn't think we were going around sleeping with other people!”

“I didn't sleep with him! Well I did but not with him, with him!” She was getting hot and flustered and I could see she immediately regretted telling me.

“Get out,” I said angrily, I was too upset to even look at her.

“No Nate, we've got to talk this through!” she exclaimed,

“Get out!”

“Nate!” she cried, I opened my door and got out. I began to walk away from the car towards the cliffs where I went climbing occasionally, Hannah began to pursue me. I bumped it up to a jog but so did she, “Nate come back!” she called.

I leapt onto the first rock and began to climb away from her, she was slowing down and when I next turned around she wasn't in view. I sank onto a rock which looked out over the ocean and took a long, deep breath. Perhaps my ideas about restarting our relationship were all insignificant now, she'd obviously moved on and I wasn't going to sit around and wait for her. I wasn't going to be the idiot hopelessly in love with a girl not in love with me, I wasn't that pathetic loser – at least I wasn't going to let it show that I was that pathetic loser. I still did love her, despite her sleeping with Tyler and perhaps I would have forgiven her if it was anyone but Tyler. But it was Tyler. And she slept with Tyler. And I hated Tyler. So that was that.

The End

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