Nate: Surfing the wavesMature

The following morning I woke up finding myself surrounded by my family looking falsely happy, Mum handed me a cup of coffee and Dad took a seat on my desk chair. Pete and Lily passed me a present wrapped up in newspaper.

"Mornin' Sunshine," Pete smiled, 

"What?" I asked grumpily,

“Well we're all so sorry you couldn't go to Bali,” Mum said coming to sit on my bed, I glanced at the clock,

“I'd be on the plane right now,” I said helplessly defeated, feeling the gift in my hand.

“Open it!” Lily cried, I sighed, sat myself up and placed my coffee on the bedside table. I smiled at Lily and shook it,

“Whatever could it be?” I asked her, she mashed up her face in joy and hit my leg,

“Open it!” I began to peel away the paper to reveal a Gul Vortex wetsuit which I'd had my eye on for ages – never could afford it as it cost over £200 pounds.

“Are you kidding me?!” I cried smiling,
“I told Mum you'd like the blue one,”

“Good choice Lils,” I smiled getting out the bed. “Thanks Mum,” I gave her a hug, Dad came and put his hand on my shoulder squeezing it, Peter gave me a thumbs up. “You guys rock.”

Once I'd dressed and eaten I was tempted to head down to the beach and surf but instead I decided to go and see Hannah. My relationship with Hannah was strange, we knew each other inside-out – we'd dated for almost a year and been friends prior to that but since we'd broken up I was still getting used to behaving normally around her. In some ways she was my best friend but in others she was my ex-girlfriend, it was a strange relationship but we both needed each other and I was ready to share my feelings with her. The truth was I'd never stopped liking Hannah, we'd broken up because I was going to spend a year thousands of miles away without internet access – it wouldn't have been fair on either of us. Now I wasn't going and I had to let her know where I stood, when we broke up I'd let on I no longer had feelings for her to make it easier but instead I'd just messed things up more. I grabbed my bike and headed the ten minute ride to her house, in hindsight I probably should have called but I don't usually think about these things until afterwards. I knocked on the door and Mr. Summers opened it,

“Hey Dan, is Hannah around?” I asked slightly breathless from my bike ride,

“She told me she was staying with you and Jane?” he asked surprised. Hannah had obviously not let on about the party to her father,

“Oh right, of course!” I smiled, “I got some bad news so I didn't join them, I guess they're round Jan's house, sorry to bother you,”

“It's nice to see your face around here again Nate, don't be a stranger!” he called as I began to walk back to my bike, I threw him a wave and left.

Jan's house was on the other side of town and it would take me half an hour to cycle there, Tyler's house was closer and I suspected they might be there but I didn't want to go and find out so I decided to hit the beach.

“Nate – is that you?” called Adam from the sea, he was sat on his surfboard bobbing on the waves.

“Yeah!” I called, “Ready to hit those wave?” I asked already waist-deep in water pointing to the large swell coming our way.

“I heard about Bali dude, how crap is that?!”

“Tell me about it,” I said paddling up to him, “so pissed off.”

“The waves are awesome today, been out for four hours already – they're so clean it's almost like Bali,” he smiled,

“Almost,” I smiled back, before lying on the surfboard and starting to paddle. Catching a wave is the most exhilarating feeling you'll ever have, feeling the surge of power from behind you and being able to harness that into the most fun ride ever. Adam had also caught the wave and was yelping with joy until he wiped out a few seconds later, I carried on riding the wave skilfully until I reached the end where I jumped off my board and threw my fist in the air. “Let's do that again!” I yelled.

The End

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