Jane: Six Inch HeelsMature

I was ready to partay as they say, I clambered excitedly into the front of Hannah’s car (I had called shotgun moments previously) and we set off to Tyler’s house however I wasn’t sure that the buzz of excitement was felt by everyone who was in the car. Hannah and I wanted to party but Nate wasn’t in the mood, that and the fact that it was Tyler who was throwing the party … for some reason those two had never quite seen eye to eye.

We approached the large mansion which loomed over us, making us crane our necks to see the full extent of its beauty.

“How can anyone be this rich!” I murmured as we drove around the large fountain which served as a roundabout, “it’s incredible, I can’t wait to see inside, I have never been to one of Tyler’s parties before but I have heard that they have a good reputation.

“Jan believe me, this will be the best party you have ever been too” Hannah assured me before winding down her window and talking to Tyler.

“Where do I go if I want to park?” She asked Tyler who was stood in his drive welcoming people,

“You made it!” he said with a smile, “Head over to the garage,” Tyler said pointing in the direction of the garage.

Hannah obliged and followed where Tyler had been pointing until we reached the garage which was already crammed with cars so Hannah parked her small car just outside and clambered out, adjusting her hair and smoothing down her dress as she did.

I climbed out of the car and pulled my seat forward to let Nate out the back, he didn’t look as though he was overly enthusiastic about being here but he got out of the car and we both followed Hannah inside, not bothering to try and keep up with Hannah who was almost ran inside a little over enthusiastically I thought … but I didn’t tell her that.

The place was already filled with people from the moment we entered, and I would have been surprised if I had seen anyone among this lot that I vaguely recognized.

I lost Hannah and Nate at some point as I was being constantly buffeted this way and that by the crowd of people, many of whom were heading in the direction of the drinks table. Me on the other hand jostled by the crowd going in the opposite direction made my way to the make shift dance floor which had been created by moving furniture to the side of the room and started to strut my stuff in time with the music.

When I was worn out from dancing and my feet ached something rotten (could have had something to do this the six inch heels I was wearing) I walked over the soft where Hannah was sat talking to a girl I didn’t recognize – Nate had already managed to get away before I could stop him.

I slipped off my shoes and rubbed my sore feet,

“How can you wearthose?” the girl who’s name  I didn’t know asked me nodding at the high heeled shoes on my lap.

“I have no idea” I replied with a small giggle, my feet are killing me!” I admitted and the girl laughed.

“I’m Rhea” she said introducing herself

“Jane” I replied holding out a hand for her to shake and smiling warmly at her.

The End

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