Nate: Oceanside AvenueMature

I didn't want to go to this party but Hannah and Jan were dragging me along to it, so I didn't have a whole lot of choice. Hannah drove us because she knew where his house was, one of those huge mansions on Oceanside Avenue. I had to admit I was impressed, the drive was about 100m long and had a fountain in the centre which acted as a roundabout – not that they needed one as the house had two entrances and a sort of one-way system had been created. Hannah pulled up and wound down her window,

Where do I go if I want to park?” She asked Tyler who was stood in his drive welcoming people,

You made it!” He smiled, I narrowed my eyes subconsciously, “Head over to the garage,”

Hannah smiled and followed his direction, the garage was already full and so Hannah parked outside of it and got out – Jan and I followed suit. We walked up the steps and through the large front doors which were propped open. All the houses along Oceanside had a view of the sea from their gardens and Tyler's family had exploited that and made a whole wall out of glass in their dinning room and lounge.

I'm going to get a drink, want one?” Hannah asked,

Sure,” I muttered distractedly,

What do you want?”

Anything that's got at least 20% alcohol in it!” I called.

A spirit lover I see,” a girl I didn't recognise said coming over to me,

Not usually, just a bad day,”

Tell me about it,”

I've not seen you around here before,” I said casually running my eyes down her figure. She was wearing a little black dress which hugged her curves and complimented her body.

I'm not from around here, that's why,”

What brings you to our humble sea-side town? Let me guess, tourist?”

Long-stay tourist, I've got a job here – so what does that make me?”

It was beer or vodka, so I chose vodka and added some coke,” Hannah butted in handing me a plastic cup, “Who's this?” Hannah asked me but signalling at the girl. I looked blank, I hadn't asked her name.

I'm Rhea,” she smiled,

I'm Nate,” I smiled, “and this is Hannah,” Hannah forced a smile. I took a swig of the drink in the awkward silence that followed.

Hey Tyler!” Hannah called across the room, leaving us and walking over to him.

So let me guess, surfer?”

What gave me away?” I asked,

The hair and the T-shirt,” I looked down to see I was wearing my Quicksilver shirt with a surfer on it. “Are you good?”

I'm alright,” I smiled,

He's better than alright!” Hannah interrupted again with Tyler at her side.

Is he now?” Rhea asked.

Where are you staying?” I asked,

Here,” Rhea said looking around the room and then at Tyler. “My friend's Mum is his Aunt, loose connection but here I am nevertheless,”

I see,” I muttered,

Hey Rhea, I want you to meet some people,” Tyler said taking her hand and dragging her away quite abruptly. I finished the drink and raised my eyebrows at Hannah,
“Well as fun as this is, I think I'm going to take off,”

What? Why?”

It's not really my scene,” I said glancing at the dance floor where girls pretending to be drunk were throwing themselves around and squealing.

It's Tyler, isn't it? Seriously what's wrong with you?” Hannah asked,

Bye,” I smiled kissing her forehead and leaving.

Oceanview Tavern was just down the road at the entrance to the pier, I settled on a seat there and ordered some more drink. I didn't fancy going home right now, I'd already had three concerned texts from Mum after she heard the news. But by midnight I'd had enough, I left the bar passing a guy I recognised but didn't know the name of and headed home.

The End

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