The alarm clock's high pitched squeal cut through my peaceful unconsciousness and dragged me back to reality. I heaved a groan at the prospect of another day at school, until I realized it was the last. I sat up far too quickly, the room spun and my vision faded at the edges. Headrush. I waited a few seconds before bounding out of bed and running downstairs.

'Hannah!' My father greeted me at the kitchen. 'What's all the excitement for?'

'It's the last day of school - duh!' I started to pour myself some cereal. Daisy rounded the corner at that moment, rubbing her eyes, her soft toy rabbit clutched in one hand.

'Hanny. Too loud!' 

I laughed and scooped my sister up. 'Daisyboo it's the last day of school, how can you expect me to not be loud?' I planted a kiss on her cheek before putting her down again.

'Well it's nice to see you in such good spirits,' dad looked genuinely relieved. 

'Don't expect it to last!' 

I was just about to head back upstairs when something my dad was reading caught my eye. I saw the words 'Bali' and 'Surfing'. I snatched it out of his hands to study it closer.

'Hannah!' He protested.

Shark attack in Bali is the final straw for Indonesian Government. 

Another shark attack in the popular surfing island of Bali forces the Government to ban all water activities for an indefinite amount of time. There was a huge protest from both locals and tourists who claim that Bali was 'made for surfing'. 

'Oh no,' I whispered.

* * *

Having told Nate about the attacks in Bali and basically being the one to crush his dreams, I found myself wandering miserably through the halls of Richmond High School for the final time. Nate had scrimped and saved for so long, even taking up a paper route just so he could afford it. Whilst I was sorry for him I was kind of relieved that he wasn't the one who was going to be attacked by a shark. It seemed kind of daft, ludicrous even, but I couldn't bear to lose another person close to me. 

'Hannah!' Someone came up behind me and slung an arm around my shoulders. I looked up to see Tyler. Tyler was a good looking lad, but the main problem was that he knew it. He was popular, especially with the ladies, and had expressed his interest in me before. He hadn't taken my rejection to heart and we were still good friends but whenever I saw him my heart always gave a little jolt. 

'Hey Tyler,' I smiled. 'Last day of school, you excited?'

'Yeah, I'm having a party round mine. You in? You can bring your friends too if you want.'

'Oh I don't know, it depends what they wanna do.'

'Oh come on Hannah, I've never known you to turn down a party before.' 

'Go on then.' I didn't put up much of a fight but he was absolutely right, I loved parties. Loved them. 'I can bring Jan and Nate right?'

His eyebrows creased a little at the mention of Nate's name but he smiled easily. 'Yeah sure. I'll see you tonight. You know which house is mine right?' 

'Yes Tyler, the expensive mansion on the edge of town,' I joked. Tyler's parents were incredibly rich and he didn't let people forget this.

'Good, I'll see you around seven!'

I watched him head off to his mates who were waiting at the main entrance of the school. A few of them looked my way and I blushed slightly. Nate and Jan came into view. I plastered a grin on my face.

'Finally out of this place for good,' I couldn't help but jump a little. I was so excited.

'Whoa cool your beans Han, we have to come back one last time for results day,' Jan reminded me. I was dreading results day. I knew I hadn't put in as much effort as I perhaps could have done but to me there were so much more important things than sitting in a dingy classroom listening to a teacher drone on. It didn't matter much to me anyway; I was taking a gap year. I wouldn't be joining my friends in the decision to go to University straight away. I wasn't sure what Nate would do now that his Bali dreams were out of the window either.

'Yeah I know, but let's not wish our summer away,' Nate said. 

'You know, I'm going to make sure that this is the best darn summer break ever,' Jan said, linking arms with us both.

'Oh, there's a house party round Tyler's house tonight,' I told them both.

'Tyler Fielding?' Nate raised an eyebrow. What did the two have against one another?

'Yeah, I got you both invited,' I winked.

'I'm in! Have you seen his house?' Jan grinned.

I had to admit, I was looking forward to it. There was going to be music, alcohol and pretty decent people. Tyler's parties were renowned for how good they were.

The End

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