Nate: Hopes & DreamsMature

The alarm went off at 5:30am, I groaned and rolled out my bed, hitting the ground with a thud. I put on my school uniform and grabbed a bagal from the kitchen cupboard which I ate on the way to the newsagents.
"Morning Nate,"
"Morning," I mumbled my voice low and crackly, 
"I've put the newspapers in the back," 
"Cheers." I went and slung the papers into my bag, 
"Oh and Nate, here's your tenner," 
"Cheers Mr. Harrison," I took the money off him and thanked him. 

By 7am I was back home having finished my paper-round, Mum had made coffee and handed it to me as I came in.
"Last day of school today," Lily cried, running in and tripping over on the step into the kitchen, she got up and began hopping clutching her toe. I grinned and buried my face in my coffee cup.
"You okay baby?" Mum asked from across the kitchen,
"I'm fine, don't worry about me, nothing can bring me down because it's the last day of school!"
"That means 2 days left of Nate before he goes off and spend a year on the other side of the world!" Mum exclaimed,
"You gonna miss me?" I asked grinning,
"Of course honey!" Mum came up to me and kissed my soppily on the forehead.
"Get off," I said pushing her away, she pursed her lips and I winked at her. "I love you," my older brother Pete walked in,
"Love you too," I smiled,
"I might leave, it looks like I've entered a mush-fest," Pete rolled his eyes stepping up into the kitchen,
"Don't bother, I'm off anyway, got school and all that,"
"Have a fabulous last day!" Mum called.

I climbed into my car and drove to the outskirts of town to pick up Hannah, I hovered in her drive and waited for her to appear. Our carpools to school had become a little more awkward ever since our relationship ended three weeks ago but we'd decided to remain friends,
"Hey Nate!" Hannah smiled cracking open the door and tossing her bag into the back,
"I just heard, you okay?"
"Yeah I'm excited!" I smiled,
"You're excited?! What for?" She asked, I glanced at her as I backed out her drive,
"It's the last day of our school career...ever! And then I'm off to surfer's heaven in Bali!"
"Nate?" Hannah asked putting her hand on my shoulder,
"When was the last time you watched the news?"
"Two days ago,"
"Oh Crap." She began to rub my back soothingly,
"What?" I asked feeling my heart skip a beat,
"There was another shark attack,"
"It's a risk every surfer takes, they're really rare,"
"The Indonesian government have, like, banned it,"
"Banned what?" I asked,
"Swimming, surfing, diving, water skiing - anything water based."
"You're having me on and it's not funny Han!" I said sternly pulling into school.
"No Nate, I'm not."

I didn't reply as I got out the car and headed into school, "Nate, wait up!" Hannah called running to my side.
"I know you're sad I'm leaving and all, don't bother making us this load of crap,"
"I'm not!" I took a right and headed to ICT logging in and bringing up the newspages. 'INDONESIAN GOVERNMENT BAN ALL SEA ACTIVITIES' I don't know how long I stared at that newspage, but the bell broke me out of my reverie and I got up and left the room - it felt as if my whole world had just collapsed. What was I going to do now? A whole year had suddenly opened up before me. All those saturday jobs, the paper round - all for nothing.

"Hey dude," Jane came up to me and messed up my hair with her hand,
"Hi," I said in a sad monotone,
"Something's not right, I can tell," she stated,
"I'm not going to Bali," I sighed,
"Why not?"
I explained to her in full.

"Couldn't you just go for the experience, without surfing?"
"Bali's waves are made from wind which is like 7-10 knots, averaging a 6 to 8 feet range, I couldn't go and not surf..."
"Hey guys, how do you want to celebrate our last day of school?" Mark came up to us,
"Nate doesn't feel like celebrating," Jane explained.
"I don't but I want to go out and get drunk...really drunk."

The End

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